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in insects •  last year

A naughty fly in the Family Sarcophagidae that lays its eggs on living mammals including humans (mostly infants under one year old) causing myiasis or the parasitic infestation of a living host. The maggots live inside the host just under the skin feeding on the host's tissues. The most common symptom is a painful bump or boil on the skin that slowly gets larger as the maggot grows. More rarely the flies lay their eggs in the openings of the nose or ear canal causing severe swelling and infections that may be life threatening if not treated.

Wolf Fly.jpg



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Nice fly and interesting that they will lay on living flesh! I like the pattern on the abdomen. Wonderful photos!

Iuuiiii me dan asco, de sólo pensarlas , aunque tus fotos te quedaron muy estupendas @jetjockey me pareció tenerlas casi en mis manos buenas imagenes

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