Insect Day - Hoverflies

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These hoverflies looked bigger than the ones I have seen before. They have longer legs as well. I found them nectaring at chicory flower. Two were hovering and it was not easy to catch both in one shot.



I have several photos where at least one insect is on focus and the second one is almost out of the frame. Like this one, but the others are much worse.


With such warm October we will still be seeing insects and butterflies around. Which is good, because there will be more possibilities for the Butterfly and Insect Day hosted by @whatisnew.

Today I saw a butterfly swiftly flying around my flowers on the balcony and I was too slow to capture it. On a distance again very quickly two dragonflies passed by. If we can believe the forecast, the golden autumn will continue and we will have more sunny days. I hope for better photos in the near future. Fingers crossed.


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Fantastic shots!

Thank you 😀

Amazing photos of the hover flies! And you found 2 on the same flower. You saw a butterfly and 2 dragonflies? Lucky you! It feels like winter here and we are expecting frost in a few days. : ( Thanks for using #insectpub tag Neli. : )

We still enjoy the sun during the day. It is more like summer, except for the cool nights and shorter days.

Resteemed Wow @nelinoeva these are some precious photos. The colours are clarity are exquisite ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aww, thank you so much, ❤❤❤❤

Excellent job capturing both of the banded buzzing bees, Neli! @nelinoeva 🐝💫🐝

Thank you Nina 😀

Amazing shots of these Hoverflies i love that first photo really a nice close up 👍

Thank you 😀
I am still amazed by the phone camera.

It beats carrying around a brick of a camera weighting 3 or 4 kg these phone cameras are getting pretty hi tech 👍