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I was feeding my lawn one summer when I heard some frantic fluttering near the wooden fence. I jumped, thinking that it must be a pack of roaches, getting ready to attack me. I mean, why else would they be there, right? (๑˃‿˂) For reference, I have an irrational fear of roaches, which people think is hilarious. It ain't. ୧(๑•̀﹏•́)૭

But anyway, (๑˃‿˂) normally my fight-or-flight senses would kick in, and I'd run off, probably screaming. But something among the foliage got my attention. I caught a glimpse of red. Or pink. I couldn't tell, but it was something that said, "not roach." So, I crept near to take a closer look. And here's what I found.

Wine-Colored Moth.JPG
Excuse the muddy sausage hand, and the poor exposure. (๑˃‿˂)

I'd never seen one like it, and haven't seen any like it since. I mentioned before that we have a nice ecosystem in our backyard, so I occasionally come across something like this, especially during summer. I think it was after finding this moth that I started carrying my camera around while doing yardwork.

Wine-Colored Moth - 2.JPG
It waited patiently during our photo shoot (๑•‿•๑). Or maybe it was just fed up.

Wine-Colored Moth -3.JPG
I noticed it's legs were very "sticky" when it started to crawl around.

If anyone can identify this moth, please let me know (๑•‿•๑).

And for bonus points:

What's it doing?? (๑˃‿˂)

Thank you for reading! (๑✧‿✧๑)

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😨 ok ok ok...that is zoomed bit too much... I might have seen it on @whatisnew's blog. I kind of remember the cool pattern


Sorry, sorry! ( > ‸ < ) I couldn't figure out how to resize, haha! (๑˃﹏˂)

Okay, I will check them out (๑•‿•๑). Thank you for reading!

Wow! I like bugs. I don’t know why but I have no problems with bugs. It’s beautiful!


I like them too, but I don't know what it is about roaches that sets me off (๑˃﹏˂). I'm working on being less afraid, but my family has been using questionable methods ୧(๑•̀﹏•́)૭ (๑˃‿˂). Hopefully, it's something I grow out of, because I remember being afraid of spiders as a child. Now, I can let them be (๑•‿•๑).

it hillarious bro you have to try :P


(๑˃‿˂๑) Nah, I don't wanna break anything!

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