the life cycle of a butterfly

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surely many of you do not know the life cycle of butterflies. when they become butterflies, they will only suck up the liquid of the flower. which is called nectar. and butterflies also make excellent pollinators for flowers.



the first phase of the butterfly lays eggs. they will lay their eggs on the leaves of the plants. and then the eggs will hatch and produce caterpillars. This caterpillar is what really worries many farmers. because the caterpillar eats all the leaves of the plant. Many farmers' crops are damaged by caterpillars.


the third phase, the caterpillar will turn into a cocoon. like the picture you can see this. after cocooning, the process of turning into a butterfly is carried out in it. after 3 weeks the butterflies will be born and come out. that's the life cycle of a butterfly.

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