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The page named "Steemit biggest community By Money Guru" is created by the sumit kapor who is a youtuber and the entrepreneur as i saw. I want to thanks him and all the group member of this page. His concept is nice by make group of the people and allow the people to make the money without investing in steemit.

If you are reading this blog, now we have to use the unique tag ie #innp tag to earn more and get the more upvote and comment.
Simply write your blog and write tags upto 5 and donot forget to write our unique tag which is #innp

As i saw there is a problem people post on steemit and share that post to the facebook and people who wants to upvote and comment the post he has to open the facebook and then s/he will be redirected to the steemit.com which is lengthy process and difficult to do so as there are many post.

now this is the time we have to use the tag #innp as
so now you have to simply login to the steemit account and search for the https://steemit.com/created/innp
This link will allow to see the all group member post who has use the same tag and they don't have to share there post to the facebook to get upvote and comment.
I have chose this tag and this is not use by any one others. I searched for other tag like guru,MG, SK,money etc these are used by other people. To make this group i have chose this tag. I think you will also like this tag.

At last i want to say that please read this post carefully.
If you are agree with this post please comment bellow and share to the all group member to make group strong.

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Great method to help each other and support steemit. Grow yourself and help others. Many thanks to money guru and technicalguruje

Thanks to u also for supporting us. We will be huge in near future.

just keep on working , you will see the results after few months

Iam fan of Sumit sir because he is a genuine person in online feild which I have seen....like the way of him ,he is also a helpful person always teach us legitimate things for earning.

I agree to your plan its literally great

Thanks bro for your support !!
Make resteem the post to make strong group!!

Ok dear i use this for next post
For more Upvote and comments please join us on

thanks make community stronger

resteem post to connect more people!

Who has created it?
I think it will be better idea!

Use this tag and get more upvote and comment I want to join more more and more people under this tag help by resteem and by using this tag.
Thanks for your comment.

Nice post
I gave you upvote. Upvote me and follow me

I gave you upvote
Upvote me back and follow me

Great idea buddy :) this will make life easy for our community :)

Good idea we are use this tag and earn more

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this group is great to go for all starters in steemit community

hi! this is good idea of innp tag it is easy to track future posts good job keep it up

nice concept to make the community great and strong by using tag "innp".

Sumit kapor is done great job . Now its our time to do something for our community .

yes money guru sumit sir is very good person

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