The ultrasonic artificial limb will allow the disabled musician to play a piano againsteemCreated with Sketch.

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5 years ago to James Barnes have amputated the right hand above an elbow after a severe electric trauma. However nevertheless some muscles have partially kept functions on control of fingers. The team of researchers of Institute of technology of Georgia led by Gil Weinberg has used it. They have developed an artificial limb by means of which James has had an opportunity to play a piano.

In an artificial limb the elektromiogrammny sensors which are found as in usual, and advanced artificial limbs are used. These sensors by means of electrodes fix electric signals from muscles. However, as Gil Weinberg considers, they aren't really exact.


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Pretty awesome!! Hope that this type of solution starts to open-source and together with 3D printing this can reach out to other people that don't had the opportunity to feel complete again.

Great post!

great post, maxer27 as usual!