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Hello again, my friends!!

Rare for me to do two posts in one day... yes. But I think this one is important, because it deals with being thoughtful, which is the basis of my #thoughtfuldailypost movement. This is a Challenge from the Inner Blocks Community, and the participation criteria is as follows!

So how do you participate?
Write a blog or make a video using the tag #innerblocks, then put it in the comment section of this post! Then Inner Blocks will resteem and give your post a 100% upvote!


Pretty simple... right?! The description was something like this:

Here at Inner Blocks, we would love to read or watch a time that someone supported you in one of your blocks!

Did they train with you while you were preparing for a race?

Did they give you a map before you left on a big trip?

Did they subject themselves to your experimental recipes and love you through your mistakes? wait, that might just be my family, lol

Or do they support you daily while you are trying to figure your life out?

Whatever it is, we want to know!


As I said, this really almost goes hand in hand, with my #tdp movement, so I just had to at least share with all of you!!

I'd have to say, that my Uncle played a big part in shaping my blocks growing up. He passed away a few year's ago, but I have said many times, that if you were to look for the definition of "man", there would be a photograph of my Uncle in the dictionary! He went straight into the Police force out of High School, soon got married, and had several children (who all by the way, ended up in some type of Law Enforcement)... as soon as he got home, he would fall asleep in the chair, but that was usually because when he wasn't working at the Police Station, he was volunteering as a Security Guard, or running the main traffic lights during Holiday schedules (from the inside of his van, with a remote, and a jug to relieve himself)... he worked, and he worked hard, and he was a good Police Officer, a good Dad, Husband, and to me more than just an Uncle... he was my Father figure, because I grew up without one.

The first time learning to drive in snow, the first time learning how to mow grass, and service the equipment you used, and yes... the first to show me the jail cell I was headed to in my teen year's, if I didn't stop the lifestyle I thought was cool. It didn't matter what was going on, he was always there to lift me up, build my blocks, and show me what it truly means to be a real Man. I miss him terribly, but know he is with the Lord now, helping to show the Heaven's what a good man is!

So... who or what helped build your Inner blocks? I love this community, and I hope you will take part, maybe up-vote their post, and maybe re-steem to see what everyone else's Inner blocks were made from!! Thanks for stopping by my friends... this is like a Companion Guide to my #tdp movement, and I truly hope to see your responses...

What are you thoughtful for today? And what helped build your Inner Blocks?

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Your Uncle sound like he was a great guy to have around while growing up.


Why thank you, my friend! That he was... he took it upon himself to "step in" and try to show me what he felt was "fatherly love"... As I said, I miss him, but am thoughtful for all he did for me! He is with the Lord now... I will see him again when it's my time... Nice to meet you, and appreciate your stopping by!! ❤️🙏

This actually struck a chord inside me, and I will take a part in this contest.

I love these sort of contest's that begin giving me ideas, even as I'm reading it.

And I'm a separately raised, a ln evening star, who has built my own path.

But now I'm going to take a shower and leave for my night shift. It's from 21 -04 and I'm a bus driver

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@wakeupkitty here's a contest for you....

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I will see if I can make something out of it. Actually no one guided or ever helped me to build my inner block.

I delegated some SP to you.
Also try gift if you have 0!
I wrote tips with my other account @wakeupkitty.pal

Please use your SP wisely.

  • Do not upvote as long as your SP is low.
  • Do not post none stop and join a contest if you can with it. You can even with your actifit post (copy past text in it)
  • Do not edit it costs you SP
  • Let your rewards wait. Once a week is fine too. It costs you SP.
  • Invest in commenting (is engaging) and answering.

Good luck 💕


I am glad my #thoughtfuldailypost movement has brought you feelings of positive energy!! Conversely, I am glad to have run into you long ago, trying to help you sort the @appics App... No accidents in life!! I look forward to seeing your vibes on the #tdp mindset!!

I'm glad to see your response and I will try to make a #tdp article today.

It's just that I would buy time if I could...😀

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Oh my friend, don't you worry. If you find a way to create more time, you let me know 🙂

This is wonderful papa Wes

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Wow...your uncle sounded like a great man. It speaks a lot about his character that he not only worked so hard as a public servant, but he also managed to be a great husband, dad and then helped to raise you too! I'm sure he is greatly missed!

nice story brother, it's an inspiration for everyone who are hesitate to do good things in life. Your uncle is like a superhero, he is awesome that's why you also grown up as a nice person. Being a volunteer is already amazing but then he still with you helping many thing's.

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A wonderful post and write up, I had a great Uncle that was like a grandfather to me who was very special to me and I remember so well often even to today

Thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip


Can never really forget, can we? Uncles, Grandpa's, they are so important as we grow up... good to see you by the way... we have both been busy I know, but as I always say... great to get a visit from you... thank you for stopping by, and as always, the kind words and support...

Always a pleasure to visit 👍😎👍

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