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Well, I hate to be a copycat, too, but...sigh, alas, it's spirituality for myself as well. If I didn't have my intimate, personal relationship with Yahweh, I really wouldn't have anything. I would be a purposeless, selfish mess. He is my Source of strength. He fills me with His love, peace, and power. He speaks to me, giving me purpose, and direction. He has validated me, and continues to validate me in ways my earthly father never did, and never can. He has watched over me and protected me from the beginning, even healing me from spiking fevers caused by vaccines when I was 2. He's always been with me even when I was unaware, and I see that now. He has given me such grace, and I see where my path would've led, compared to where His has taken me, and I am so grateful to Him for everything He has done, and continues to do in my life. Because of Him, I can face the unknown with a strength, power, and courage that was unknown to me years ago.


You did great! Is the first time you've blogged? If you have any questions just let us know! Also, are you familiar with Discord?

Thank you for entering the challenge! You are #1 for the drawing!

I'm not familiar with Discord, though I have heard it mentioned before.

I'm not familiar
With Discord, though I have heard
It mentioned before.

                 - joshlit

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi @joshlit

What a wonderful testimony! I relate to all that you have shared. You couldn't have chosen a better 'Innerblock.' Blessings in abundance. 🌻 🌷 🌻

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