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Hi Steemians,

Since I entered this community I have had doubts about whether it is right to be here. For many years I lived dedicated to my profession, sacrificing moments with my family impossible to recover. My life hung on the material and ambitions of having and being valued by society; I don't want this to happen to me now here among you.

However, on the other hand the economic situation of my country, disrupted for the most part the stability and tranquility of those who worked a large part of their lives, and of course, I did not leave unharmed and it is very likely that it is the main reason, for I entered the community. Three months have passed and now I have a clearer vision. He enjoyed writing a lot about what I like and although I continue with the economic narrowness, here there are stimulating challenges although the rewards are low at the moment. I think that will improve soon.

I remember that as a child, I woke up before sunrise and went to bed many hours after sunset to meet my responsibilities. Without realizing it, my life was going to be bit by bit, slowly cracking my health.

The persistent symptoms for many years were gastrointestinal, constant flatulence and long periods of constipation that led to intestinal paralysis five years ago, after a night of excess between cheeses and sausages I ended up hospitalized with a probe in the nose to drain my stomach, There was little left for me to have surgery. The aftermath did not wait and months later I suffered from painful hemorrhoids.

As if this were not enough, I began to experience episodes of constant anguish and insomnia that prevented me from being in my bed in a horizontal position, which is why I slept for eight months in a piece of furniture in the living room of our apartment. It didn't take long for me to affect my employment relationship with the transnational company where I had been working for just three years. The truth of the case, something was happening with me that would change my life forever.

I attended several doctors and I had multiple clinical exams to rule out any serious illness, I used to weigh between 83 to 87 kilograms, now I barely reach 70. The doctors found nothing wrong with me, even one came to presume that my illness was associated with panic attacks.

Put yourself in my shoes, what would you do? My worried wife took me to healers and local shamans. Then I started to regularly attend Catholic churches as the Protestants of different denominations in my city, nothing worked for me. Deep in my being, I began an intimate conversation with God, day and night. Meanwhile, my wife radically changed our daily diet, now it included more fruits and vegetables as well as green juices in the mornings. The intake of red meat, flour and saturated fat was minimized as much as possible. Both she and I, in a short time we feel a great improvement.

As for my relationship with God, I think it to be on another level, I understood that it is not religions that bring you closer to him, but his goodness and justice. I understood that you have to look for him at all times and out of love to fulfill his will, I understood that he manifests himself as he loves whom he wants and that no one can hide from his wisdom, you can deceive yourself, but who can deceive God.

God changed my life in an unexpected way, not with supernatural facts, visions, religions, or meditations. He opened my eyes to the distractions of the world without abandoning the world, but being careful to always seek to fulfill his will.

Now, my ability to sleep has been restored and I go back to sleep in my bed as in the past, the flatulence such as constipation has virtually disappeared, also disappeared the constant headaches that I used to suffer. Without being totally disconnected from the news of the world, I focus my energies on what really makes me happy and I consider important. There are adversities, but I see them with optimism, I know that I am not alone.

I hope and beg the creator also have mercy for many to find their meaning in the world.

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So much transformation! It always makes me feel that when someone experiences something big in their life and it leads to great changes, then that big something that started out so negative, was actually good! I hope your health stays strong and your relationship with God continues to grow!

Hello @freedomtowrite,

Amen, amen.

Thank you very much.

Very inspiring my friend. May god bless us all.

Amen, amen

Thank you for sharing your story! I pray for your good health ^_^

Hi @iamraincrystal,

Thank you for your prayers.

Hi @janaveda, your post has been upvoted by @bdcommunity courtesy of @hafizullah!

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