Inktober 2017 Day 12 "Shattered"

in inktober2017 •  last year

Today's ink is a little different from my normal style, trying some different things together.






Click image to learn about illustrator Jake Parker's Inktober
Idea: encourage Jake Parker to join Steemit

Tomorrow: teeming

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Dope Art!! to extreme!


Thank You ☺

Would you consider this a different species? I am also imagining someone of high status in their species. But maybe the head garb is just part of their wear???


Exploring the different interpretations of a piece is always interesting. Different species, maybe like an alien race or a being from a different dimension? Anything could be possible!

Forgot to leave my amazement on this piece! The details in it's face are incredible, love it! I like how you can see the freedom of your creativity in this one. This being looks kind of intelligent aswell, because of how it's face is decorated.


I appreciate your feedback! It's fun to sketch faces in this geometric style ☺