Inktober Day 7: Exhausted

in inktober •  8 months ago 

Catching up on inktober with an exhausted character!

I skipped my afternoon nap and have been keeping myself busy the whole day. I’m also taking a night to myself to sketch alone at @caffetto. It’s so nice! I used to think that I was very product at home after putting the kid to bed but it can’t compare to the work that I’m producing here. I also took a break after I finished this sketch to crush @tarotbyfergus in two rounds of Magic. 😈

The progress...

All my drawings are done digitally on the Procreate App using the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

This sketch has changed so much from what it initially was. I was trying to draw a full figure but decided to crop the image so I could focus on the face.

This time I switched back to the Ink Bleed tool for a sketchy look.

After outline the face and body, I made several adjustments until the proportions looked right,

I was a little worried about inking the hair but it turned out better than I had hoped.

Looks better without the outline sketch right? With this layer I began to darken the eyes and experimented with shading.

I find that when I’m shading like this I have to account for the size of the lines, the pressure and distance between to get the desired look. I’ll repeat the words ‘softly’ and ‘gently’ to myself until it feels natural. I had a lot of fun shading the lips in this image.

The background was blacked out and I hated it. It looked boring and flat compared to what I had going on so I selected the Studio Pen tool and began carving out the background with white ink.

Back to shading! My person is looking kinda grubby at this point and now I have to continue the shade look through the body.

I pushed through to finish the image and I’m so happy that I did because it looks amazing!! I love my pencils but if I can get all my ink drawings to look this good then I wouldn’t mind using inks everyday! :D

Now to get started on the next drawing!

Thanks for stopping by to view my art! 🦊

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the progression is just mind blowing!
I can't do that in 1000 years! lol
ART!!!! <3 <3 <3


Awww! You flatter me! Thanks so much!


well you gotta hear it :D
you are good! very good!
keep doing what you are doing :)

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This is how I feel after a few days of partcipating in inktober lol

I will be scheming for revenge!


Bring it on! 😼

so...people pose like that when they feel exhausted? writes it down to his notes


Mhmm! Whenever I see my reflection at 4AM I look exactly like this.

This is such a gorgeous drawing! I love the pose you did for her.


Thank you! I was just thinking about what I normally look like when I wake up and this came to mind. 😆

Im glad you pushed through, foxi! It does look really wonderful ! You captured the emotion of exhaustion very well <3 <3 <3


its not just that sis, the subject even posed like a super model, LOOOOLLLL....I mean, this is art. Even top tier paintings like "the last supper" has questionable things in it like, why does everyone there in that painting eat on just one side of the table? And no one questions that detail while if you realize it, its kind of funny.


Thanks spidey! Compared to my pencils I think this is my best inking so far. :D

Such a nice drawing, especially with the shadowing/dusting of the face and body. Upvot'd and resteem'd.


Thanks so much for the resteem! I appreciate it! :D

She really looks exhausted. You did a great job as it's difficult to draw emotions. And you did it successfully! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for checking out my work! :D

This is clearly a look of exhaustion.
Good job for successfully conveying the idea pretty convincingly :D.


Thanks scrawly! I was feeling pretty exhausted myself after finishing this one. 😅

You made a good expression in this illustration, she really looks exhausted 👌

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