Inktober 2017 - Day 1

in inktober •  last year

Been awhile since I last updated. But I'm going to be trying to do Inktober this month, so hopefully more art for you guys. Less writing at the moment, but I'll get back to that eventually.

Seasonal Witch, I chose Winter!

Day 1 of Inktober, I'm using the 31 Witches challenge, which I'm alternating between masculine and feminine designs. tumblr_owczknSfIl1s5dzuuo1_1280.png

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your drawing is beautiful continue like that you will win the concour


thank you!

This is incredible! @sheagar


Love your art style! Your inking skills are great too...


it's something that took me a while to get a hold of. :) thanks.

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Wow that's mind blowing. I love this challenge variation. Looks like we're gonna see some great character designs this month! Very inspiring!


hahah thanks! i just have to remember to upload these here!

Wow, I'd love to see a process post of this.


i'll try to remember to take those. i have one, but none other wise. :) thanks for the idea!


Cool. Those things can earn big ;)