Russ' Inktober 2018 (5/30) - Exhausted

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Just a simple one today guys!

Today, I didn't finish all my weekend chores yet, coz I had a meetup with friends and was out for 3 plus hours!

As I drew more and more of my drawing, I made a story that kinda reflected my life.

I wish to write more, but I promised myself I'd make just a quick post.

Here's my comic process in a poor resolution-ed video!:


yeah I know how that feels. When we are supposed to do something important but something came up that intercepts the whole plan but still we manage. Good thing it turned out well @reconspam 😀

Ahahaha, yes, it turned out okay. Thanks, looserwin! :)

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Oh, btw, I noticed that you upvoted your comment.
Not sure you know, but I think that upvotes that are within 15 minutes of a post's or comment's publication ... are not valid!


(One of the recent Steem Hardfork changes whoops!)

When you were drawing the exhausted guy, in my mind I was thinking...

Is he drawing himself? xD

Wow, how perceptive you are lol.
Yes, both the exhausted guy and the annoyed guy are both me, hahaha xP

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