Russ' Inktober 2018 (5/30) - Drooling

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Hey guys!

I was lazy to do this Inktober earlier in the day.

So I decided that the future Russell would have appreciated having to do this at midnight.


I'm tired.

I'm gonna make the below descriptions short.

Oh and if you don't understand what Inktober is about, it's basically a challenge where you practice Inking a drawing every x days (self-chosen) in the month of October. I'm doing everyday (... at the moment).

You can see my video process below. And the summarized picture process below that below.

Here I drew 2 heads.
I thought a person wouldn't like to drool alone.

Here I decided to make the girl the drooler.
We have enough drooling guys as it is (wait, something's gramatically wrong with this sentence... oh well).
The girl was bestowed this honor today.

And the girl shall be grabbing on to the boy.
I wonder why he is sweating.

I use a playdough looking blue object to roller pin over my drawing.

I reveal the secret identity of the make-shift roller pin (it is a Faber-Castell "art eraser")

I redrew and inked the boy's head.

I continued with the girl's head and both their bodies.
I begin to feel incredibly displeased with them.
Why they giving me that look?

I decide to give the girl's hair 2 shades of grey.

I give the boy a shade to his lineart.
I become a little more pleased with him.
The shade looks like it invoked fear to his head.

So I continued to invoke fear down his spine.


The girl is supposed to be looking at the boy, but she is not giving very clear eye contact. (I wonder whose fault that is * whistle *)

A pair of eyes hover by the girl's chin.

And the shading of the boy's outline pleases its artist. (Though I'm not sure why the boy is still giving me that look. Oh, and where did his sweat go?)

Oh wow. I'm now 370 ish words into this post!

I'm surprised.

Well, well! I hope you enjoyed all that!

See you next time, with my next spam post!



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