Russ' Inktober 2018 (4/30) - Chicken

in #inktober4 years ago (edited)

(DTube link didn't work out.)

Another day.
Another prompt.
Another BS.
(If BS is countable).

I'm doing a DTube video today, so my post... will be less flexible lol.

Hope you enjoy!
(As I do hope I enjoy myself ":D)

Here are soooome of my process shots:

  1. Impatient sketch from onlineimage.png

  2. Starting with the head I guessimage.png

  3. Realized I could zoom in my recordingimage.png

  4. Tried out shading my ... shades... image.png

  5. Continued drawing the feathers till I went off screen... (and missed out on recording those)image.png

  6. Continuingimage.png

  7. Continuingimage.png

  8. Uhm, yupimage.png

  9. And weeeeell. Yeah.image.png

  10. Uhmn. I guess. That's it.

▶️ DTube
(video became a mess)

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