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My 1st drawing for Inktober

I have decided to get out my ink pens and join in with Inktober, you can find more details about Inktober on the website: https://inktober.com/.
For my first drawing I went with the Inktober prompt suggestion of poisonous. I thought about this theme for a while and then decided that I would draw a bottle of poisonous words.


Source: https://inktober.com/rules/


Creating my drawing


To create my drawing I prepared the background of the paper with ink and water, and then left this to dry before drawing over the surface with my dip and drawing inks.

Getting inky with it


Some words are toxic!



'Poisonous Words'


Ink on paper



If you want to see some of my previous ink illustrations check out DWELLING, an illustrated crime novel collaboration between myself and fellow Steemian @dougkarr, set in New York’s Lower East Side. Dwelling is now available in print and ePub.
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Dwelling available on Amazon

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What a great idea for a daily engagement! Love that you joined in this and what you turned out to share! it's great too that you and @dougkarr did Dwelling together. I'm excited to see what has come of that!

Thanks for being a consistent inspiration here on Steem, @oheliafu!

I really feel amazing when i see ur art! Really ur art God gifted


That is very kind, thank you.


You are welcome!

beautiful work! oh, I can't wait until I get my hands on some traditional ink...I'm doing my inktober this year digitally, but in the past I've only used liners and felt my work always lacked depth because it was starkly black and white, with none of the ink painting. Can't wait to see your work for the rest of the month!


Awesome digital drawing - just popped over to you blog to check it out. I enjoy digital drawing too, but i also love experimenting with ink :D

Good thing you have joined this platform, I like the theme, 30 days 30 drawings, this type of themes forces you to be active, this work is beautiful dear friend @opheliafu, there is a lot of creativity in it
I wish you many successes in this new venture
have a happy night


I'm going to have to allocate time each day for this, but I think it is achievable :D


@opheliafu is an important challenge, but without a doubt you will achieve it
many garcia for these beautiful gifts that makes us diarrio
I wish you a week prosera

Excellent work, @opheliafu. The subject is very well treated! The poisonous words are concentrated, they are inside. After sacadas, you can't pick it up! They fill everything, they expand in the air. Congratulations!


Yes, some words are toxic and best not said.

Great to see drawings from other Inktober2018 participants.

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Excited to see what you are creating too!

It's mesmerizing watching ink or watercolour go into the wetness of the page, so soothing and inspiring.

I'm impressed with how many steenians are joining in.


I know- so many folks drawing!

your creativity is mind blowing.. Really love the interpretation @opheliafu


Thank you so much - glad you like it!

Indeed, words can be real poison...as they can be healing and soothing...Great InkDrawing Ophelia, you have the marvelous skill to picture ideas...^_^


I'm glad you enjoyed my visual representation of this theme.

It's a pretty simple but great design! I think it represents the life of the artists basically in two ways, saying words and creating that picture that I think is fantastic! Thank you for sharing


I've simplified today's drawing down even more - lol.


Fantastic! or should I say VANtastic!