Shadow Of Monster At The End Of October

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October will end in a few moments. time will pass in a matter of hours, minutes and seconds slowly. then we will enter November with various other activities with talented and passionate people, Hopefully!
And today is Our last day in October. where we have passed various kinds of obstacles and pleasures in this beautiful month. and I think everyone must be grateful for what we have felt for a whole month in October. We have passed it and we will soon be on foot in November. while some of us can never set foot in the following months.

For art lovers and artists in the Inktober contest room with great enthusiasm has made so many contributions that colored life in October with inktober. I am personally very grateful to the inctober and the entire team who have worked hard to provide the best for all Steemians who joined Inktober.

And I for the last day of October have prepared a work of art that I made using pen ink and simple pencil. I draw according to the imagination that was born from my own mind.

At first I never thought that what I was describing would resemble tiger-shaped monsters. I continue to do it with ink engravings that look unique. after everything was finished then I etched the tip of the pencil and black ink and a little red ink. I only did this to give each room a monster picture of color. this time I really did it only with a pen and pencil on a piece of notebook paper.

As usual, I still leave traces of imagination shed in the picture of this monster painting. and here are some of them...







This is an inspiration that I can offer at the end of October 31, 2019. I hope it will be a better motivation for being creative in the following months and as support in the coming October, 2020.

Thanks So Much

I leave you a link to my social network if you want to see more of my work : Instagram Twitter
Greetings Creative..

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