Inktober-31. Mmm! Halloween! Do you want some ripe pumpkins or apples?

in inktober •  12 days ago 

Greetings friends!
It's Halloween and also the culmination of the Inktober 2019 challenge! =)
This month has left me very happy and satisfied to use this technique in my illustrations, so much so that I fell in love with this and I plan to continue using the ink =)
And to close, the topic is today is mature.
A black cat under the moon with bat wings and a witch hat sitting on top of a ripe transformed pumpkin. The cat invites you to taste these pumpkins or better yet very red apples. Do you dare to accept this cat's invitation? Will it be a witch transformed into a cat?
I hope you liked my latest illustration of the challenge =)

PD: With this illustration I finished the pen ink haha ... I'll buy another one =)


proceso dibujo31.jpg

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This is very good. The composition and proportions are excellent. The cat's fur could have used a little more attention to the way fur shines and the way it lays across the shapes and curves of the feline form.

Hello! Thank you!
This was a challenge to do it, since everything is in black and trying to make the fur cost me a lot since with a pen it was difficult for me but well I had to pass it smoothly and well there is the result =)
And with so much black and my pen has no ink = (
But happy and satisfied with the result =)

The fur would have cost you less ink if you had used white space for the sheen of the fur. And, the lines used to create the fur should have indicated the lay of animal fur across the shifting curves of a cat. The body lacked the appearance of three dimensions because of both the lack of highlights and the appearance of just filling in with lines of ink. Given your handling of the rest of the details in the drawing, I'm confident you have the skill to have drawn the same dimensionality on the cat.

I'd love to see you draw another cat with that in mind. Study a black cat. Look at the way the sheen changes as the cat moves. Note the way the direction the fur lays shifts across the body curves and limbs, around the face and ears, down the breast and across the back.

Thank you! I'm going to practice this ... it's a challenge =)

I look forward to seeing your future endeavors