Inktober 2019! No. 4 - Freeze

in #inktoberlast year

The next day of Inktober! This one is for "Freeze" - and of course it's the perfect opportunity for my own rendition of Mr. Freeze from Batman... MS. Freeze!

Inktober 2019! No. 4 - Freeze

*sings: SHE'S COLLLD AS ICE!!... *

Made with my favourite sharpie pens (a fine point and a big fat one) as well as some prismacolor pens (brush pen, calligraphy pen). Also a ballpoint red pen because I didn't have anything else with colour handy.

Hope you like it! Come back tomorrow for No. 5!


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love your sketching... long time no see

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Thanks @shadowspub! I'm lurking around still here and on discord - with the baby and work and everything it's been tough to be more active. But I'll be back! :D

very freeze for the freeze challenge, it is a kind of captain Cold thanks for sharing

haha thank you!

Do you usually freehand the snowflakes? They look almost stenciled in. Nice straight, even lines take practice.

Thank you! I sketched them out with pencil/rulers first, so not exactly "freehand". But that was the look I was going for for sure!

Awesome! I'm glad, the image orientation worked this time ;-) Keep it up!

Yeah! Something weird I guess about the metadata from my phone. The weirdest part is that it's never done that before, so maybe some code in the software changed. Anyway, the technique from that article worked on the mac equivalent, ha!

Cool, looking forward to seeing your next inktober works ;-)

I found this post thanks to @miti-blog work, and his Curation Project: Undervalued Deserving Contents. Your work deserves way better, I'm happy to give you my upvote. Cheers, Nicola @knfitaly

Coltellinaio per passione e non solo...

Trentino - Italy

Thanks very much! :D

Thanks so much!

You're welcome ;-)

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