Inktober 18 - Bottles

in #inktober3 years ago (edited)


So that's what's in the room!

Was a little MIA the past few days bc I had an important project to finish. My computer also completely ran out of space so that took a day of work off. And thennn I took the weekend off so I could relax and decompress, which honestly helped so much. Feeling better and motivated again which is always a good thing.

So this week I will be catching up on my inktober drawings :)

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web

You're still in it, Corinne ! Amazing effort <3

Nice picture :) I love how the little witch is completely astounded by her findings of what's inside the room :D Good body language <3

Ohhhh yeaahhhhh!
Forgot you had no more space in your PC! xD
GLad you found these bottles to stow away all your bytes videos! :P

Cool drawing! It's good to take a break sometime! Welcome back!

Oooohhhhh I know what's gonna happen :P

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