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Injure inside

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ink, marker and colored china on a vinyl glue base.

Greetings to all.

Here is my painting for inktober

day 29 - injure.

Painted in ink, marker and colored china on a vinyl glue base.

my signature on the right of the painting




Injure inside.

Injuring inside the soul,
with scratches,
and daily abuse.

With anger
cause deep scarring,
feel the pain dug into you and resurface from your eyes.

Injuring women
it's just like
hurt Nature.
That's a woman.

A hug.



Saluti a tutti.

Ecco il mio dipinto per inktober

day 29 - injure.

Dipinto ad inchiostro, pennarello e china colorata su base a colla vinilica.

Ferire dentro.

Ferire dentro l'anima,
con graffi,
e abusi quotidiani.

Con rabbia
causare profonde cicatrici,
sentire il dolore scavato dentro di te e riaffiorare dagli occhi.

Ferire le donne
è proprio come
ferire la Natura.
Che è donna.


https://www.ntopaz.com/ go for a ride, for art lovers.

separatore 2.jpg

my web site

my channel

Art teacher
Curator of cultural activities
Artistic director and President of the Cultural Association "I Colori della Vita"


and "Fuori Controllo" Festival

separatore 2.jpg

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Very disturbing image. It's great for your topic. It also happens to be perfect for Halloween.

Thank you for your deep comment a hug.

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