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Playing Dress Up

Alternative Inked Model… Also known as Lua Stardust on Facebook and Patreon, Lua Suicide is an alternative model and a cosplayer. Regardless whether you’re talking about her hair or her clothes, she is as colourful as they get. She has been modelling since 2009, but discovers her passion for cosplay a few years later, in 2012.


What cosplay is all about is taking a fictional character – more often than not a manga/anime or game character – and embodying him or her (or it!) fully. In Layman’s terms, the closer you are to looking and acting exactly like the character, the better you are at cosplay. Well, Lua is one hell of a cosplayer.

There are people who show their true colours only under special circumstances

She is creating her own get ups with painstaking precision and attention to detail. But costume design is not her only skill. She also creates sets, appropriate atmosphere for the shoot, and works with photographers to capture the magic.


It’s difficult to say if she even has to be just one, but it seems her Stardust alter-ego is more prominent online. With the competition over at Suicide Girls becoming tougher and tougher, it would only make sense that a model would look for a steadier income. And considering SG were not big on cosplay sets for a long time, what’s a cosplayer to do.

Suicide or Stardust
Well, with the assistance of pay-per-piece or subscription platforms like Patreon, now there’s room for everyone to share and profit from their hard work. Which Lua does to what seems like a proficient level. And she gets time to go to East Coast ComicCon, and even host costume parties herself!

The best thing about being both a Suicide Girl and a cosplayer – for her patrons and followers – is that she loves putting those two things together. Which creates funky, sexy sets that go from geeky to NSFW really quickly.

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