Injury update

in injury •  2 months ago

So three months have passed since i'd injured my knee.

Post can be found here.

Went for a check at the docs today, to see how things are, as i'd still felt something still not quite right, as to my surprise, the knee still has a mild crunch to  it, which winds me up because at the start, i'd told the first lot/drs about it crunching etc, not one person looked at it, let alone place a hand to check, all that was done was xray on the bones, which were fine.. 

So now i've got to wait further weeks for an appointment to come through for a date, which might even be longer... Thought i'd have healed by now, even with plenty of rest and exercise.. Looks like i'm house bound for a few more weeks or months.. Who knows.. Meanwhile the scary part is, 3 nights ago in a dream i see hospital beds again, well i saw them weeks before, the injury started!

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