The Tatiana Show - Pamela Morgan of Third Key Solution & author of “Crypto Asset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide For Owners”

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 Free book contest! June 15-22, 2018. The Tatiana Show is offering 1 free copy of Pamela Morgan's new book, "Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide for Owners." Just share, tweet, or retweet this episode on Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #freeCIPbook. We will pick a winner on Friday, June 22. Thanks for sharing!

Audio Version Only!

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Topics include:
-- Setting up a secure inheritance plan of action
-- S.U.R.E analysis
-- User-friendly solutions to mitigate risk
-- Death and taxes

About the Guests:
-- Pamela Morgan is an educator, entrepreneur, author, and attorney who has been working exclusively with bitcoin & open blockchains since early 2014. Morgan is a widely respected authority on multi-signature governance and legal innovation in digital currencies. She spends much of her time traveling the world training lawyers about these technologies through her company, Empowered Law. Her book, Cryptoasset Inheritance Planning: A Simple Guide for Owners, provides a clear blueprint to inheritance planning for those holding cryptocurrency, tokens, crypto-collectibles, and other cryptoassets.

***We are pleased that this interview was also featured at Let's Talk Bitcoin and Bitcoin Magazine. *** 

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