The teacher, where do you live? // Mystical poem content.

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Hello, welcome to my publication, with a content that will leave you with a brief reflection, a content of my first mystical poem, I hope you like it.


Teacher, where do you dwell?
Ask with humility.
And the Master answered my question.
I live in the stillness of your spirit.
In the affable and pure heart.
In being humble and sober.
Next to temperance,
of meekness and unfeigned love.


Teacher, where do you dwell? Why do you hide?
I hide from my heart full of pride.
I hide from arrogance and haughtiness.
And to the one who only seeks my riches,
I do not watch him.
To tell the truth, I have many fortunes,
Material and spiritual:
corners, topazes, jasper, onyx, emeralds.
All kinds of lovely stones.
Road surrounded by exquisite gold,
silver, silk and fine linen.


Teacher, where do you dwell? Who serves you?
I have servers everywhere,
and all the power and government is mine.

I'm tired of my heart interested!

If you loved me no matter what I have,
and be willing to suffer hardships,
for itching love to what I am.
If trying to discover your frankness,
and your loyalty would be firm to you, under any circumstance.
I would share with you my treasures.
Without reservations, you would know where I live.


Thought and writer: @ victorrojas4
A mystical poem of my personal life.
Today's photograph. Life is very short, enjoy it to the fullest!
Thank you! !!



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I have never asked myself what my life would be like if I stop being proud and arrogant.
My mom told me am proud, so did my dad.
My Girlfriend as well.
But I myself have never once ask myself "Stephen are u proud "?
What people say about you is it true?
But all thanks to victor Rojas am able to examine my self.
And also while reading this Poem, it struck me that steemit is a house full of beautiful writers, where others learn how to write as well.
I must confess I don't know how to write as in being creative but I thank God I am appreciative.
Victor I appreciate your efforts in rendering help to people like me and in essence I thank steemit for this opportunity.

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