Terrorstorm - Full length movie. Alex Jones - Infowars

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In memory of Infowars which was banned from the internet overnight today. I am posting videos that are still available by him.

TerrorStorm - Full Length (Alex Jones) from Northern Michigan Truth Out on Vimeo.

Though I am not a fan of Alex but he does have a right to speak.

I believe that the same people that were so sure they had Trump beat are now worried that there will not be a democrat left after the mid-term elections. They have now fully legitimized Alex Jones and have given him and even bigger platform.

What a great test for decentralized solutions such as D.Tube - I only wish I had downloaded more before Alex was taken down.


Political and historical documentary from Alex Jones that talks about the Illuminati (New World Order) takeover. All of Alex Jones films are legally allowed for FREE distribution by anyone and/or any groups. All films can not be sold for profit, but can be given away electronically or physically.


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