Information Warfare: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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It’s been said that “When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

Well, it’s finally happened: Alex Jones---the “King” of the Info War himself---has been purged out of digital existence by YouTube, Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Pinterest, and Disqus---with more platforms likely to follow.

Are any of us in the alternative media surprised? Of course not. I’ve warned this was coming for years.

We’ve also faced rampant shadowbanning for years now, though nothing as out-in-the-open as what’s just happened to Jones.

Indeed, a newly-leaked memo has revealed how politicians are scheming to takeover the internet under the guise of fighting “Russian bots” and “fake news.” All misdirection of course… that’s their modus operandi. The true threat to people in the US is the government itself and the Federal Reserve.

Some libertarians who don’t like Jones’ schtick have celebrated the banning, saying they’re glad he was taken down. Within minutes I was posting that those people will eat their words.

First they came for Alex Jones and we said nothing…

The next day, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute was suspended by Twitter, along with’s new editorial director:

Tom Woods on Twitter Executive director of the Ron Paul Institute @DanielLMcAdams has been suspended by Twitter, as has @Scot… 18-08-08 14-50-12.jpg

Any libertarians laughing about that?

This is Fascist Big Tech’s ultimate goal: all non-approved narratives will be removed from major platforms---after all, these corporations are owned by the same elite who wield government power with fascistic glee.

Google’s Eric Schmidt visited the Obama White House on a regular basis, with one watchdog group calling Schmidt “Obama’s Chief Corporate Ally.”

And let’s not forget the “unapproved narrative” that Google was created---at least in part---by the CIA / NSA.

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Drone Bomber, even said that, “Google, Facebook Would Not Exist’ Without Government Funding.”

So, no, this is not just a case of private companies’ rights to refuse service to whoever they please. Google, Apple, and Facebook all have their hands in the government trough. It’s like I’ve called it for a long time now… Fasco-Communist USSA. There’s hardly any truly “private” corporations in the US anymore.

It’s also naive to assume that Big Tech’s Orwellian coordinated crackdown on Jones---most within 12 hours of each other---was just a reaction to Infowars’ “terrible hate speech.”

How do half a dozen “independent” companies all remove Infowars on the same day? Ironically, Alex Jones is chided as a “conspiracy theorist” but by any measure this was a conspiracy, “racketeering” they call it, to remove him.

Voting is a circus, a show---a racket that, by necessity, must serve the elite at the expense of everyone else, so there’s no doubt, with mid-term “selections” around the corner, that Big Tech felt a need to reign in the political machine in their favor.

PICTURE 1 (13).jpg

While we obviously don’t agree with everything Alex Jones says or does, especially his Trump worship which I have called him out on many times, we will still fight to defend his right to speak---with or without a government-sanctioned “First Amendment” to back us up.

That is total free speech, and what’s incredible is how much our message is still getting out there despite rampant shadowbanning and other censorship tactics.

On The Dollar Vigilante’s pages alone, we’ve witnessed it for months.

Our YouTube videos used to consistently get between 40,000 to 100,000 views---sometimes a million, yet have dropped to about 20,000 on average in the last year despite increasing production quality and quantity. That’s 20,000 views from nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube! Most say they never see our videos in their feeds.

Likely using a whole list of algorithmic trickery, we’ve been cut off from the audience we worked so hard to reach---all on a site whose original slogan “Broadcast Yourself” hinted at a service that was, indeed, about “You.”

Oh, and Google’s initial slogan was “Don’t be evil.” But, they appropriately removed that (or maybe just the “don’t” part) from their code of conduct in May.

The Powers That Shouldn’t Be do not want people hearing this message. They don’t want us exposing their evil plans, so hit that “bell” icon next to the YouTube subscribe button---while we’re still there---to increase your chances of receiving our content when it goes out.

Even MailChimp---one of the largest email service providers---also recently deplatformed Jones, putting one of the oldest means of internet communication at risk.

Still, email remains one of the more robust and “underground” modes of contact, so be sure to also subscribe to our email list to stay connected to us as the digital grid goes 1984.

While there’s tons of lost content, the bright side is this whole debacle will expedite migration to new, better channels. Big Tech’s open war on ideas has begun to spur more and more people off of their Orwellian spy sites and onto decentralized communities.

Kim Dotcom on Twitter Twitter, Facebook, Google, you betray your users by helping the Deep State to spy on all, you politiciz… 18-08-08 14-52-53.jpg

Steemit is a great alternative, using blockchain technology as its backbone, so follow us there, as well as DTube, where content creators earn crypto. If you still aren’t on there yourself, what are you waiting for? A platform that isn’t a CIA front to spy on you AND actually pays you for your content?

Yeah… it’s about time for Facebook to be the new MySpace.

A swarm of other pro-Free Speech social networks have risen over recent years, including BitChute, Gab, and Minds, which also pays users.

The free market can provide a solution to this problem, but we need to be committed enough to create the best services---and perhaps recent events will be the final catalyst.

In the meantime, unless they shut off the internet, the number of people going down the rabbit hole will continue to increase faster than ever, because in the end, freedom is popular and truth will prevail.

They are waging war on us for a reason. Because we’re spreading the information that will eventually take them down.

The push to take down more indie media is in full swing, with something called Vox labeling numerous people I know “extreme creators”.

Stefan Molyneux was an anarchist before hopping on the Trump Train. Lauren Southern says she wants to be an anarchist but can’t because of immigrants. Mark Dice, who I met recently, simply interviews random people on the streets of Kalifornia to show how stupid they are.


Even my friend, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, was featured here as an “extreme creator” because he shows up at riots and warzones to film what is going on, while the mainstream media puts out propaganda, and statists pepper spray and beat him with batons.

Pretty extreme!

Meanwhile, terrorist organizations such as ISIS, the CIA, EU, Mossad, Saudi and Israeli governments, and individuals like Barack Drone Bomber and Donald Trump remain on these networks constantly posting about who they are going to bomb or extort next.

Be sure to sign up for our email list and follow TDV on Steemit if you want to continue hearing our “extreme” message of non-aggression, anti-slavery, love, peace and prosperity.

Don’t worry, they can’t silence our voices. The more they attack, they will only make us stronger.

Don’t forget to subscribe HERE to get the information you need to survive and thrive during and after the coming collapse.

This article is also featured on The Dollar Vigilante's website HERE.



ok ok, Jeff Berwick, thanks for the report... I will have to say that when I came on Steemit 2 years ago, shortly after I decided to announce that I was not using facebook or any other centralized platform anymore.. I send this announcement to all my friends, asking them to come on Steemit.. only 2 did!! (but they only made 1 post each)... so not a huge success story... but I am not volneable to any centralized media closing me down... since I am "so small" it would probably not even happen, but still.. I think it is something that everyone should do...

I must admit that I do share a free office space with statists, wannabe politicians and cronies, and sometimes have lunch with them... (need human contact and true anarcho capitalists are almost non existing of today).. the man I was having lunch with yesterday (Steen Juhl Olesen), who is a small time politician in the local municipality, had never heard of Alex Jones before in the resent 2 weeks (yes, I know why am I even talking with or having lunch with this man? Again, need some human contact)... so I told him, that I have known about him for many years, probably about 14 years or so...

What am I saying with all this?? We all need to simply stop using centralized platforms as soon as possible.. support each others (esspecially us that are anarcho capitalists, flat earthers and here with our real identity, face and name)... and make each other so rich and seen (ON STEEMIT) that it will get attention from all the statists that are still on the centralized platforms...

I hope this Alex Jones purge will speed up this process... I guess thats the best that can come out of it... you can start by upvoting all my post the last 7 days! :)..

Steem on!


what you mentioned is part of the 'real' problem; people don't want to leave these platforms; if we'd all decide to use the alternatives, these companies would have less power and influence; But you told all your friends about this; and only 2 came; made a couple posts; and went back;

Typical of how people are. I've been working to move people off these mainstream networks since 2010; the most difficult task in all the world.....

"I've been working to move people off these mainstream networks since 2010; the most difficult task in all the world....."

you are so right, it is a huge task... what I have heard many times is "I don't have interest in having a steemit blog".. from all kinds of people from all-kinds of backgrounds.. its like they don't want to stand out from the crowd with the risk of not following the pack... I think most know that they can be censored and that its all bad, but they seem to not really want to do anything about it.

I think that the best option we have (us that are already here) for on-boarding the masses, is to stick together, upvote each others, GET MORE RICH then the mainstream and then they will follow in desperation... I see that like the only scenario for victory...

Do you agree with this?

I agree entirely; I don't think 'we' do a good enough job of this now - supporting one another that is -- b/c unfortunately the masses will FOLLOW one another into the Oblivion - and will help bring in MORE censorship when we have the opportunity to fight for NONE of it.

stalin facebook unfriending soviet style.jpg

Well well well, seems like purge of alt right narratives have begun. Whats funny is extremists on the left are able to freely spread hate speech on these platforms but they are deemed as progressive thinkers. Its just shows how social media is no longer that, it is digital mass media and its time for disruption, these tech sites are of the old gaurd, thanks for all the memories but its time to move on

the uninformed comments like these are the worst; as they 'choose sides' and put forth false narratives that other, lesser informed people attach to truth; Fact is.... Leftists as you call them, have been getting banned for years now; most have been upset as to why nazi's and alt-right platforms seem to remain up; while others get shut down; Such as Willie D. - a black man who in no way would be considered alt-right; or a nazi sympathizer -- this was on Monday

Calling someone uninformed doesn't make your case that much more plausible with some anecdotal evidence. I am a born and bred South African and people on the radical left on social media are free to say just about anything including outright advocating genocide with no bans. Instead of assuming things engage in a discussion not just dig your heels in and say this is where I stand and everyone elses opinion is wrong

really not sure how your comment relates to anything I said. But thank you for sharing your truth - have a great week!

We are all Alex Jones a future victim of censorship. The best thing we do, we invite these warriors to steemit.

If dtube were to pay out longer than one week it would go a long way to getting more youtubers over, in my opinion.

wow, I didn't know his show is "purged out of digital existence". maybe just out of few platforms. This is huge

"... it’s about time for Facebook to be the new MySpace..." well said but include Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

as long as we act like this there isn't much hope

I think he has more than one video incitatin hate, whis is clearly forbiden in the terms and conditions of all the sites that ban him. so, no need to make a big deal about it, he should change to steem, no body can block him here, right?

The text on Steem is perfectly censorship resistant, d-tube unfortunately not really censorship resistant, all though I think it is harder for government to censor on then on other platforms.

Meanwhile --- this was (and still is) happening to Black content Creators going back several years now; Tariq Nasheed has been banned several times; Professor Black Truth has been censored; Dr. Boyce Watkins as well; Just the other day Willie D. Did a whole press conference after his youTube channel was suspended for similar reasons.

Jeff Sessions took the KKK and white extremist groups OFF the FBI terror/watchlist - and created a whole NEW term, he calls "Black identity Extremist" -- just another way to target and harass black free speech.

So while it's wrong to see what happened to Alex Jones; this has been happening to black people on these platforms for several years now. Many of us are too 'small' to get the kind of support of a Dollar Vigilante for example; or all you non-black people on Steemit who are upset about Alex Jones....

Where were you when Twitter allowed some Punk ass to report me OFF Their site, after suggesting it's more than okay to punch nazis???

I was kicked off Facebook and have had several Twitter accounts suspended; deleted; etc. If anything that is what I enjoy about Steemit; I can speak truth, non-blacks can be upset, and they can't flag me off their platform ... (because that is what happens)

Sadly the non-blacks Have impacted my earnings; they've been able to find a way to make sure no one comments on my writings on here; no one Upvotes me; That's what happens when you're black and outspoken; and don't just settle for how your people are treated .....

Meanwhile white guys like Alex Jones push hate and anti-black rhetroic that endangers OUR lives and if WE speak about it, whites flag us to death until we get auto-suspended on these white owned platforms; with no one in the office apparently to say "oh, this black person isn't spreading hate speech, they're talking about the hate speech aimed at them!"

These companies don't even employ enough blacks to ensure our speech is not censored ::: so the reality here is, this move to take Alex Jones off, means nothing for white people in the big picture; It's just going to help them justify doing MORE harm to blacks; as they've been doing for years now..... (while the rest of you ignore what goes on - till it happens to you)

Very good posts, hopefully you can always be successful in the esteem business

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a) smartfone app: click on subscriptions
b) desktop: click subscriptions from top left corner from youtube homepage. Or url:

(point: no need to click on bell, that this is a myth that need to do it to get subscribed to content :))

Highly rEsteemed!

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