The Super Duper Paper Stacker Picker Upper Tucker Carlson

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For most people if it's not broke the saying goes don't fix it. I guess you can say that's why I am surprised after all the dwindling ratings Fox News got after prematurely calling Arizona for Joe Biden that they'd take the only show that appeared to survive the ratings beat down and restructure it's whole format. What once was a fun, friendly face that could and did laugh with the best of us over the left's antic's is now being portrayed as pretty much a mean spirited, angry dude doing exactly what he claims the left does, he spiels excessively angry rhetoric while spewing why we all have the right to be angry at what's going on around us. When he does he takes command of his little pile of papers, racks them hard on his desk in a gesture of I mean business damn it! Personally I don't like this Tucker Carlson.

When Fox ratings dropped they scrambled to do damage control by revamping some of their line up, when it came to Tucker though they anointed him their parodical son, it would be through him their salvation laid. Next thing you know his shows intro is all splattered up in red, white and blue with wild looking I am going to get 'em Tucker faces, a don't you worry middle America Tuckers here to save the day. They revamp his set with cedar plank wood background, a real cozy down home appeal whose favor still exist in remote regions of the country most likely in area's where deer camps and farting off into an open wind is a preferable activity. If that isn't enough down home middle America feel for you they introduce Tucker Carlson three mornings a week on Fox Nation, a series of fireside type chats. For a mere 5.99 a month or 69.00 a year or 99.00 for two years you get to see exclusive interviews of people making the headlines that you could read anywhere else for free. Of course you may miss out on any mention of how the wife or kids are doing but it's a small price to pay to be excluded from that conversation, which is zilch. Not wanting to send Tucker home always smelling like he just exited a moth resistant closest they are now introducing Tucker Carlson Originals. This will be where they send Tucker out across the country to give you an up close look at exactly that which you should be angry about.

Be angry everybody, be very, very angry. Be angry about this and be angry about that but don't be angry about how we got here in the first place. You are suppose to forget about their cardinal sin. You are suppose to forget that "look squirrel" moment when they called out Arizona preemptively while ballots where hauled into processing centers in the middle of the night to be processed after claims of being shut down for the night in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin. What Fox News has done in essence is take your anger from that night and channeled it into deflections of everything else you should be angry about even through they drove the trojan horse through the gate. Every night now you turn on Fox News it's the same anger peddling you see from the left in reverse. They say people should have a right to be angry and we say people should have a right to be angry. It goes on for hours, show after show, wash, rinse, repeat.

Tonight Tucker did a breaking news headline about more financial shenanigans by BLM president Patrisse Khan-Cullors which at the end he reminds everyone that Marxism is very good for the few, lifts his papers, stacks. We know Tucker, it's working out quite well for you.


Well that pisses me off... lol! I agree, I am WORN OUT with the constant push to be angry. Sure, there is always something to be angry about but there are WONDERFUL things in this world - for those who can tear their eyes away from the screens that demand they be angry.

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