Open Letter to David Cochrane CEO of Matrix Software about the Plandemic and Global Revolution

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The occasion of this letter is about the promotion of Delphic Oracle software by David Cochrane who once tried to hire me to work for Cosmic Patterns in 2005. The rest should be self explanatory.

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Dear David,

What happened in the past doesn’t matter much to me anymore. About 5-6 years ago I moved into fintech because of bitcoin and enrolled into IvanOnTech now named Moralis Academy by early 2018. After Schmidt died, my heart just wasn’t in it and I felt some drastic changes were coming for the world. Robert Schmidt’s work was pretty much the sole reason why I wrote the software because seemingly nobody else had the potential intellectual rigor nor interest or inclination to try to figure out the WHY of what was happening. We know astrology of various forms is useful (at a minimum due to life having patterns). That was not news to me since at least 1968. I’m long past collecting incidences of “hits” on astrological "coincidences”. AI seems to do an even better job of predicting these same types of things (for instance on social media).

Semantic field overlap is a big problem with predicting anything astrological that nobody talks about. The proof is in the fact that there are basically only about a dozen areas of human life that are well defined (birth, finances, siblings, parents, having children, illnesses, getting married, death) and a few that are less well defined with increasing “fuzziness" (philosophy/religion, career peaks, acquisition and associates - business promotion, and enemies or those that hold you down including yourself). And yet there are millions of outcomes (apotelesma) with every one unique.

We can see career peaks for example in some people when the chart speaks (chrematistikos as Schmidt would say) but it’s more obvious in charts that speak well. There’s semantic field overlap in words. How do you define career? Is being president of the USA really a greater rank than being employee of the month? Socially yes, but on a spiritual level, maybe not. Many things defined by human experience come into existence because of words, but have no actual “physical” (as defined by current limited science) reality.

This is particularly true in politics. For instance, what is a democrat? In the past say the 1960’s and early 70’s, this meant “anti-war” and “anti-corporatism” and “my body, my choice” with Roe vs Wade. Now the same people who wear that label want war in Ukraine and support big corporate Pharma, and wanted to force a potentially dangerous substance (the clot shot) into every arm violating bodily choice and individual sovereignty.

Sociology has a term for this called “reification” which means “making something real that isn’t real”. It’s an important bug that exists in the human psyche that politicians love to exploit. In ancient times, these were considered to be the “casting of spells” which is where we get the word “spelling” for written speech because it is the power that words have to create a fictitious reality in the mind.

In any case, late 2016 changed everything and I moved in a different direction because I saw danger in what was happening politically and financially after having been immersed in coding for years. That was when I jumped out of the fiat ship into bitcoin. If you looked more carefully into my website, you might have noticed that I no longer accept credit cards as of almost a year ago. We are now in a global revolution that I predicted in 2017 would start in the early 2020’s due to financial instability. By Sept 2019 there was proof in the form of the inversion of the repo market rate that something drastic would have to be done for politicians to “save face” and obscure their crimes.

2008 was an important year relevant to 2022. 2008 was also the year that financial collapse almost came to the USA. There have already been multiple collapses around the world of nation states monetary system collapse happening due to the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab, Dr Yuval Noah Harari, etc) wanting to bring in the "great reset” and "4th industrial revolution". I was called a conspiracy theorist for saying it and yet it is written in Klaus’s books (Covid 19 - The Great Reset, and, The Fourth Industrial Revolution).

This group of people is using a bioweapon developed by Dr Peter Daszak, Dr. Shi Zhengli, Dr Fauci, et al to bring about the enslavement of all humanity under a one world government using fear as their ancestors had tried to do during Hitler’s era. Bioweapons have a short shelf life with mutations rendering them weak and ineffective after several iterations, but they (“they” being a group of about 50 people according to Dr. David Martin who lays out their crimes using the US Patent Office) used it because it makes it easier for them to achieve plausible deniability.

However this is coming to trial with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich building the case for the next “Nuremberg” trial:

I suspected that something like this was coming because of what was happening to the financial system, that something drastic would have to happen in other areas. Now there is the threat of famine (holodomor), wars, cyber attacks (Klaus’s “Cyber Polygon”), etc as their crimes are being exposed. I wrote about this in more depth with proof here:

Follow out the links above and you will see that it’s factual.

As for Delphic Oracle, accepting only bitcoin or other crypto's solved the problem of having to deal with less technical people having trouble running the software and gave me more time to prepare for economic collapse which is happening soon world wide. By my guess, Sept 26, 2022 (end of Shmita) could see some stock market collapses or collapse in bond markets but the dollar might still be around for a while yet. It will be the last to collapse, then maybe the BRIC’s system takes over, or bitcoin, or something else. If the past is any indication though, when collapse in confidence comes, it’s extremely rapid. It will look something like Andreas describes at 14:40:

Version 9 probably shouldn’t have been released as it needs more refinement than version 8. Maybe version 8 could be promoted as being a reasonably finished product. I had to retract the Mac version because Apple didn’t see fit to include backwards compatibility for 32 bit wideChar().

I may come back to this project at some point in the future after the revolution is over. Astrology is just a leaf floating in the eye of a hurricane right now.

Curtis Manwaring

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