From the Centralized IT Parasite Dilemma to Blockchain Ankle Bracelets for Politicians

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Over the last year I've taken a step back from writing astrology software with the exception of time zone updates and important platform issues and have been studying in IvanOnTech's Blockchain Coding Academy. While I was already somewhat familiar with C, C++ and Javascript, the Academy has allowed me to leverage and extend my existing skills in web development and Pascal. At the same time I see that the entire software development industry is at a crossroads and that something is about to break.

About a year ago, my code was held hostage by Embarcadero Technologies (Rad Studio Tokyo) because they snuck in a subscription clause that voided out my ability to reinstall the software into a fresh environment. Despite having paid over $2.2K in registration fees for Tokyo Enterprise edition (which misrepresented their Linux support), they refused to allow registration of a fresh installation because the additional subscription period had lapsed.

It was at this point that I realized that the 50+ components that I had written for the Delphi IDE had been hijacked and that I really didn't own my own work. I had been duped into writing code for free for Embarcadero which then used that to force subsequent extortion fees for failure to hire a lawyer to warn me about the fine print. Who reads the software license agreement? They know nobody does carefully enough. So some corporate hack looking to increase the bottom line shrewdly snuck in a "gotcha" as an excuse for additional fees that any reasonable person would consider theft, but yet is perfectly "legal".

"legal" in quotes

I didn't pay though. Instead, I found another way forward. I'm working through a mac that uses windows 10 on a VM and instead of reinstallation, imported my windows 10 Bootcamp into a pure VM. This is not as easy as stated here, and it required that I got into the guts of the machine because creating a VM out of a Bootcamp installation (despite VMWare's instructions) is not always a trivial matter. I'll spare you the tedious details, but this feat took me more than a week of 12+ hour days to complete.

There was another reason to do this which had to do with the fact that I could not secure my mac with a single encryption program. I would be forced to use at least two (one for mac and one for windows). But having everything on a mac made it possible to secure almost everything with Filevault. I'm still not happy with Filevault though as it too is insecure since the entire HD cannot be encrypted completely and it's crashed several times in the last few months with reboot leaving the mac unable to decipher the decryption passphrase. If I had not backed up my work in triplicate like I usually do, I would have lost several years of programming work.

I've found that these security issues are making it nearly impossible to make progress in development. New 3rd party code in the Delphi IDE is breaking old code and companies like Apple and Microsoft are forcing updates that are potentially harmful to users. Windows 10 of course will reenable all attempts and disregard the registry hacks I used to stop windows update. The mac isn't quite as bad in this regard, but they still failed to support backwards compatibility which has forced 64 bit upgrades. I was able to do this for the Terran Atlas but am still working on Delphic Oracle.

We all know that the following companies have no regard for privacy: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and to a lesser extent Twitter, YouTube, etc... OneDrive and iCloud use is encouraged (always use local hard drives for backup). While security updates for Microsoft and Apple products are important to use, the reality is that consistent backups make this completely unnecessary. I've had my machine infected several times with ransomware and other malware and never paid simply because I know how to do rotating backups. Once I had to throw away an infected HD, but that's considerably cheaper than paying ransomware. There are also tools that you can use to wipe the bios so that you can start out completely from scratch and reinstall. These companies have an ulterior motive for forcing updates on you which has to do with data scraping and selling of that information for profit. Instead of "Intel Inside" it should read "politicians inside".

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 6.02.23 PM.png
politicians and intelligence agencies inside

Centralized IT philosophy will eventually fail

The QT model of software development may be nearing an end (at least for some platforms). SaaS has been a rising model for more than a decade, especially with mobile devices. Embarcadero probably understands this because it holds development on the Linux platform at a premium above all others under the QT model. They want to extract as much rent as possible before allowing you freedom because they know this is very much like the bitcoin exit from their system of control. Web based technologies are platform agnostic and don't have the same development restrictions (yet). FOSS (Free Open Source Software) is fundamentally the most secure software you can run. It's nearly impossible to hide backdoors in encryption in such an environment and because Linux environments vary greatly, there's no one virus that can take them all down. Therefore the incentive for malware development remains very limited on Linux.

Centralizing data into a giant honeypot attracts hackers. The larger the honeypot, the more incentivized the attack. Therefore large central databases need far greater security. There is a correct way to handle data security, but political power sees centralized IT as an opportunity to retain power and control over the people. They don't want greater security if that means relinquishing control. The data security model that Bitcoin is built on is the most secure data model ever built. Distributed blockchains not only are more secure, they generate truth without the need for trust. Politicians understand that if this technology takes over, they will effectively be wearing ankle bracelets that force complete transparency and accountability and allow for complete privacy for the people.

Distribution of risk is one of the keys to computer security. This is why cloud storage is so bad. While cloud storage can be encrypted, you have no idea if there's back doors. Even if there isn't, copies of your cloud data are made which means you can never delete. This means that when encryption is cracked in the future (it's not a matter of if, but when), your data becomes an open book. Would you be comfortable putting the private keys to your EOS, bitcoin, etc on the cloud? Nobody should be doing this for any reason whatsoever. If you can't back up to a local hard drive, then you're too stupid to own a computer. Sorry, I can't be nice about this as it endangers everyone else who exercises due diligence. They're using your laziness to compromise the rest of us.

About Due Diligence

The above companies have taken advantage of your laziness to turn you into cattle roaming on their digital range. As free range cattle, free means that you're the commodity that is being sold. Most of us have lost our sovereignty because of this. It will soon get much more expensive and you will find hidden tolls on your well being. Opt into Facebooks Libra wallet (if it's ever released) and you will have to speak in unison on social media with whatever the state dictates. If not Libra, then WeChat or anything else where there's someone in control who holds power. We must eliminate gate keeping parasites through code.

Mark Zuckerberg will bow a knee to the throne unless he's powerful enough to steal it. If someone else climbs to the top of this technological control grid, then whoever it is will be barking orders to make sure they stay in control. It's what primates do. Blockchain can potentially lock down politicians, but it can also be used to lock down the people. Fortunately for us, decentralized blockchains are a threat to power. Deception is coming as to which will promote freedom and which will promote tyranny.

I've noticed that Ivan Liljeqvist seems to only work with FOSS, promotes Code Blocks for C Dev, Atom for Javascript (though I prefer Brackets). These IDE's work closer to the guts of the machine and therefore require more work but won't attempt to hold your code hostage...

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 5.25.17 PM.png
Code Blocks toying with IfElse console app in C++ :: can you spot the inevitable result?

All this points to the possibility that with all the promises of seamless code migration and upgrades, it may be time to restart from scratch. It seems to be the only way forward to eliminate the parasites that have built themselves into the existing framework.


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