💥 Pigzbe - A digital Children Wallet - Piggy Bank for Tokens - My Alarm Clock is Ringing 💥

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A Token Piggy Bank (Wallet) for our Children?

Sunday morning, wake up, drink coffee, check mails, Steemit, Twitter........
On Twitter I saw a tweet about a blockchain based piggy bank, my interest started. I wanted to check it out.

💥After I saw the entry to their website, screenshot above, my inner alarm clock started ringing, it was a very loud ring!💥

About what pigzbe is, we don't have to talk much, it's a token wallet for kids (they offer a wallet for adults, too)


What we have to talk about is :

Do we really want our children invest their pocket money in tokens?

In a high volatile, risky cryptocurrency?

With no security for the value?

The more I think about it, the more I get shocked.....

Will this be our new Cryptocurrency World? For me, this sounds much more like a project of the so called:


It reminds me very strong on a project of the freemasons in the US what I read some years ago, the Freemason Chip Programm for children:



Please tell me your thoughts...

Best regards

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I bet you guys will love my new posts, I've been working hard as hell! :D


looking forward to read it.....


Thank you very much @informationwar, especially for your resteem

No. I wouldn't give cryptocurrencies to kids. I'd hold them for kids but not subject them to the ups and downs.

I've often wanted to give crypto as a gift during bull markets but am glad that I didn't during the bear market. Cryptos aren't for people who don't understand them.


Yes, exactly @vividessor,
if they lose value, the Piggy Bank is empty and the kids very disappointed

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This is actually pretty true in my opinion, keep on this great job!


Thank you @endless.drugs,
I really start thinking THEY are going to control the Crypto world...
we have to be very careful not to step in this big trap I think...
Best regards

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I don't like it. Something about it stinks to me.


Yes, it definitely has a smell

It's definitely going to be the way of the future, and a little bit scary for sure. We just gotta make sure we're always reinforcing what has real value in this world, life skills, homesteading skills, land, gold and silver.


thank you very much for your feedback @lyndsaybowes,
yes, it's absolutely necessary to teach our kids the real values in our life, I'm sure most of the schools are missing this point.
Thank you and a wonderful day