UK Free Speech: Six Years in Jail for anti-Religion/anti-Transgender Posts

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The Ministry of Truth continues its inexorable march forward. People in the UK may soon face jail time if their on-line posts fall afoul of newly proposed sentencing guidelines. Depending on their relative popularity and position, they may face harsher fines. Politicians and people in the public eye face greater danger; sounds like the larger the audience, the larger the punishment. So if you're popular, and hold an unpopular opinion, WATCH OUT!

Read the Breitbart Article Here:

This is clearly designed to silence dissent. Although I am by no means a proponent of hate speech, I AM a proponent of free speech, the far greater principle .. and this proposal is clearly designed to shut down the free exchange of ideas in clearly contentious areas. Not everyone is in favor of certain religions. Not everyone is in favor of transgenderism (including some of the best scientific minds on the planet.) Do we really want to live in a world where prison is a distinct possibility for simply voicing opinions?


What do you all think about this? Is this progress? Germany did something similar, going further than any other western nation with regards to mandatory on-line censorship. They are now reviewing their policies, as they have had the "unintended effect" of silencing too much conversation. Of course, this is not an unintended effect at all. It is working exactly as intended!

Personally, I philosophically hate it .. anything that shuts down free speech is bad, in my mind, doubly so in areas where serious disagreement is present. For those areas, we NEED the ability for open discourse, otherwise future policies will be implemented based on assumptions that are completely false. "No one complains about this, so let's go further." Yeah, no one complains because it's been made ILLEGAL to complain. The slippery slope nature of this is rather scary, although we are so far down the slippery slope by this point, it's not even that shocking.

Brits need to wake up, fast.

They are, in my eyes, a perfect example of a country that slumbers while their freedoms are taken away. They've given away their right to protect themselves by giving up their guns. They've given up a great deal of national identity by opening their borders. They are the most highly surveiled country on the planet, and yet they are becoming a more and more violent society by the day. Nothing seems to be working for them .. it's all just getting worse .. and yet they keep piling on Orwellian laws, keep giving away their freedoms for .. I don't know for what actually. For the betterment of the NWO? For the improvement of the globalist agenda? Maybe they are trying to re-create the book 1984, in real life. They're doing a hell of a job.

What do you think? Is free speech more important than protecting the feelings of certain minorities? Is the UK overstepping boundaries here, or is this "for the good of us all?" Let me know in the comments.


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Coming soon to the UK? Mandatory story time with a demonic drag queen?


People are so focused on selfish short term gains. They're like little children running tattling to their government Parent about the most petty things, not realizing that the more they do it, the more they hand over power. They want to carve out little "protected class" statuses for themselves, screw everyone else, not thinking about how the government could turn that around on them down the road if they fall out of favor. California passed a law that people can be jailed for refusing to use a person's "preferred pronouns"....seriously? Grow up! Learn to manage your offended feelings! Hello, free speech?? Police resources and jails don't need to be bogged down with nonsense like that. And then people wonder why courts are so backed up, and we need more taxes for more police, and....🙄 To me the bottom line goal should be minimizing government involvement in anything.

ETA: to me Great Britain is a scary example, in multiple ways, of what happens when people become overly dependent on the government. The Libertarian page I follow on facebook has been having a field day with it.

Bang on.. I have nothing to add to the comment, other than that. Bang on.

I forgot to come back and respond to this comment! So this story goes with the box factory one?! What happens next?!?! :)

What's sad is that I believe this kind of stuff absolutely does happen...

Yep, and a good chunk of it is out there for you to read about. MK Ultra is a rabbit hole unto itself.

I'm sitting here going "It's bedtime. Do NOT get on Duck Duck Go and search NOT..." haha!

We are the resistance in the UK...We are preparing for the civil unrest as we speak...
nationalism is blacklisted in the UK but we will never surrender..
My friend was given a year in jail for putting an England flag on the mosque and stupidly put bacon in their shoes..

I totally agree with your assessment of the state of the UK. I left the place to go and live in France (another socialist paradise) for ten years before getting fed up with it, too, and moving on to Japan. I certainly don't think I'll ever be back to live in the UK: any time I ever come back I feel unwelcome (well, perhaps a little less so when I get back home to Scotland, but still...), mistrusted and threatened. Where the US is headed, the UK has been hanging out for just short of a century: it has depleted the reserves and raped the minds of its colonies and has been forced to turn upon its own, gradually reducing the life standard of the average UK citizen down to that of an Indian or African subject of the Empire of a century ago.

Well said. I truly cringe when I read the news about the UK .. although, as a Canadian, we see much of the same shit here, though to a lesser extent. Give it time though .. it's happening everywhere. A few decades on the existing trajectory, most western countries will catch up.

Not just western countries either, unfortunately. Having been familiar with Japan for over 20 years now, I've noted an increasing tendency to go the way of the wicked west. Even many of those aspects that most people think of as distinctively oriental have more in common with 19th century western imperialistic authoritarianism than anybody suspects. I guess Japan is a lot like the UK in that way: so many of these quaint, polite little touches to all aspects of their society are in reality the fruit of government oppression, lack of liberty and an unquestioning acceptance of state authority.

Indeed. The society seems polite, but also very hypocritical. The whole "salaryman" culture is just wild .. these men that literally die on their feet in order to "do right by the company." I think the concept of honor has been greatly perverted for the benefit of the societal leaders. Guilt is used to extract compliance.

Shinzo Abe should start a renaissance in samurai culture by committing seppuku, for his incredible failures, on live television. Maybe he could add a slightly modern spin to the ritual by throwing himself into the smoking, molten remains of Fukushima.

I'm in the UK and we look at canada and see it as worse..The Uk is no different to any western nation except maybe Iceland and Poland and Hungary..
Most of what you hear is hype..We have nationalist estates where most of the things you mention don't happen as the communities won't tolerate it. We fly England flags to mark our areas and show it is no go zone for undesirable practices and people. as with most nations you have your "Sheeple"* who tow the liberal elite line..
However, when given an opportunity us nationalists made our views clear..
We are leaving EU but they are attempting to deny us democracy..

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I live in the UK..I'm an anti islamist. I can tell you that the liberal elite in the UK are covering up the Islamic rape gangs.
The education system for years has been infiltrated by the liberal and hard left. it's hard to be a working class, white heterosexual on the campus'. They will now "no platform" you for conservative idea's. We atre in a low grade civil war. it looks like the liberals are increasing the threat level on us by importing islamists and allowing them to build mosques funded by Saudi Arabia.
I know first hand that if you speak up about the problems we face from the radical and liberal ;eft and islamism, or talk about cultural marxism, at first you will just be called a nazi but if you start to prove effective getting the message out the security services will target you with prevent.
The things happening around gender in the UK are sick. Children as young as twelve being persuaded to *transition" and health care proffessionals giving them hormones and hormone blockers..
I used to post frequently on facebook but it's pointless you will get banned for stating fact..
Nice to read sensible posts, i think i will be at home on this page..

We Are The Resistance

Thanks for the insight. I appreciate the on-the-ground assessment. One does not get the impression that there is a low grade civil war happening .. so that is very interesting to hear.

There are definite signs of awakening in Canada .. some people are getting .. but a lot are still asleep. As things continue to ramp up, it will get harder to ignore .. even for those who are really good at it. It's really all so spread spectrum now, I don't know how people are still not seeing it.

We have had quite a lot of political murder and violence...Not all islamist either...Some right and left wing stuff. I don't really ascribe to the right/left paradigm, it's just a tool to divide working class..we can see what solidarity does in brexit example....
Thanks for comment..I'm following you..


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