Warning! Diet coke 'may be bad for your heart'

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Having a can of Diet Coke every day could raise your risk of heart attacks, science suggests.

Scientists believe artificial sweeteners, also added to yoghurt, cereal and ketchup, are to blame.

Experts found people who consume just 78mg/day, similar to what is found in half a can of diet fizzy pop, were up to a tenth more likely to suffer a heart attack.

They were also a fifth more likely to suffer a stroke, the study found.

In a frank warning to the public, French academics concluded they should not be considered a safe alternative to sugar.

I've posted many times about the side effects of artificial sweeteners especially aspartame. Many studies show that drinking these diet sodas will alter your gut bacteria in a negative way that messes with your blood sugars and likely is one of the causes for diabetes. So it's not surprising that it increases your chance of heart attacks.

I personally avoid artificial sweeteners like the plague and use stevia or raw honey if I need to sweeten something up. But the best thing to do is avoid sodas altogether. They are just going to make you fat and the acid in them will deplete the calcium in your bones.

Spread the word on the dangers of Aspartame. It really needs to be banned in every country.


Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-11188999/Artificial-sweeteners-bad-heart-not-safe-alternative-sugar.html

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