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RE: Control Grid 2020 Reinforcement: How Bout Them Murder Hornets?

in #informationwar3 years ago

"all in the name of tracking a virus that's a little bit worse than the flu"

You see any mass graves for the flu there retard? Everyone I talk to who works in a hospital says its a nightmare, which hospital do you work at?

You not smart enough to be a slave master, all you are is someone with steempower, beyond that edicted you are worthless human garbage


How many people die every day on average?
How much higher than the average are we now?

The media is spoon-feeding you a number that sounds big because you have absolutely zero frame of reference.
Try imagining the trillions of dollars the Fed is printing right now.
Watch how many millions die from the economic meltdown caused by this "plandemic".

Which part of being a slavemaster requires intelligence?

Why is my presumed ignorance so offensive to you?
Your explosive anger concerning this subject is being focused on the wrong targets.
Try being offended at the real problem, slave.

Oh shoot I forgot to ask the obvious:

Do you actually think we need 5g for any other reason than a stronger police state?
Do you actually think facial recognition is being pushed to track the virus?
Do you actually think encryption and privacy should be illegal?

Or are you simply lashing out at everything I write because you picked out one thing you disagreed with and then took it way out of context and lashed out blindly?

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