8 Chan must be destroyed

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Cloudfare is ending their support for 8chan, so they should be expect the DDOS attacks now, I suggest they call Donald and complain. Those are his people after all.

I'm sick of white terrorism supporters online crying about their freedom of speech. 8Chan is the same as an Islamic terrorist site to me, no one ever complains about Muslim terrorists having their freedom of speech taken away. It's amazing to hear how many poor white male victims there are online, you would think you are the hardest done by people.

The people who pick up guns and kill are not capable of research or complicated thinking. The scumbags who motivate them with hate speech know how stupid they are and how easy it is to manipulate lone wolves to commit violence. Throwing out hateful inflamatory speech should be illegal. If some Iman was screaming for blood I would say the same thing.

I am sick of extremist leaders creating hate propaganda with the hope a small percent of mentally ill followers will go on suicide missions. Used to be you only had to worry about the videos of al qaeda or some ayatollah, now the president of the USA is leading racist chants, othering all non whites, and using Hispanics as scapegoats. It doesn't matter if 99.9 percent of his followers don't act on it, 0.01 is enough for lots of terrorist attacks.

I don't care about your free speech.

I don't care if you got deplatformed, demonentized, banned, shadow banned, arrested or flagged by some whale. No one cares if an ISIS supporer gets arrested, if their sites get shut down. And the odds of me dying from Islamic terror are not even close to the odds of beng killed by some white incel.

All the patriot act laws about supporting terrorism need to be applied to white terrorists, they are the real threat. I think Trump should be banned fom Twitter and get a 30 second delay while on TV. Put some adults in charge for fucks sakes .

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I believe in private property rights. If you own something, you should be the king of that to the extent it does not violate the property of others. If I own a computer, I should be allowed to do anything with my computer.

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That might be true. If so, then my time is probably better spent elsewhere. But regardless, I like to run around with my talking points to loiter or spam around in drive-by commenting.