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The president assures, with the usual self-confidence, that he will go before international tribunals, where he will demand the Colombian government to compensate Venezuela for the expenses caused by the presence of 5 million Colombians living in our land, conveniently forgetting that according to the organism that The census and national statistics matter only a little over 700 thousand of those citizens cohabit.

Well, if the revolutionaries know anything, it is that the numbers yield to their benefit as nobody else. But without taking into account this disparity of figures between the executive and the aforementioned body that is responsible for the matter, in which head it may be that having another nationality different from ours will not leave in terror fleeing from all this disaster if even our nationals are in disbanded by those ways of God.

By the way, FAO locates 3 million 700 thousand citizens in conditions of hunger in the country. Let us wait for the answer that will surely be that of accusing the body of imperialist, destabilizing, interfering or of labeling it any other epigraph that appears in the pertinent manual used in the revolutionary replicas.

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