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For God's sake, the United States has to unilaterally and militarily intervene in my country and, also to Nicaragua, we are two nations abjectly kidnapped by that inhuman and devilish communist organization.

The United States can not remain complacent with the populists of the region, those those who defend popular elections, are the ones who oppose, for fear of losing the opportunity to seize power through another type of assault, the one where people choose the more demagogue. Communism in the Americas successfully forges its strategic doctrine through oppression and misery. Well, with that misery, it turns people into zombies, and winks to make them dangerous terrorists, that is their intention, where in the long run, our nations, are only a ladder, to fulfill their primary objective, to attack to end the welfare of the United States.

Therefore, the United States must teach itself and return to the experience of its ancestors for the freedom of themselves and the world. "If your neighbor lives badly, tomorrow he will also go for you."

When Ronald Reagan announced the military intervention in Grenada that took the Cubans off in a two-for-three, even Mrs. Margaret Thatcher of England, it did not seem the way, as the military force was going to proceed.

Reagan said "the United States is not asking for permission, it is going to proceed to take out the Cuban-communists"
He did it without thinking of peddling permission to the populists of the region, the bad thing was that he left them on his own and in a short time, they returned with a different face.

Another experience was in Panama they took out the tyrant and let the populists call for elections, the more and better demagogue won, and people said on the street better was the tyrant Noriega.

Another experience without asking permission and passing over the United Nations was that of Clinton, he said that either they agree or the United States intervenes unilaterally today, it did so by breaking diplomacy.
Newly Trump attacked in Syria responding to another question of humanity, bombed strong Syrian military, the Russian Putin threatening said "If the United States attacks we will respond equally"

So, the Russian stuck his tail in his legs, the US attacked and he did not give another opinion, he left the Syrians at his mercy.
In Venezuela, after the foreign military intervention, we need a strong transition regime that reforms and minimizes the Venezuelan state, to make the country clean again, whatever the cost.


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Am I reading your post correctly? You appear to be calling for the United States to intervene militarily in Venezuela. Are you mad?


Come to live in Venezuela, without being able to get medicines to cure your illnesses, making queues daily from 5:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. in order to buy flour, rice, sugar, coffee, etc. To survive with a salary which the government rose from 5,126, 00 to Bs 180,000,000, (or 1,800 BS) But now the food that the government regulated exceeds 3,000.00 BS.

Hold hungry every day, because sometimes we can only eat once a day and see your children cry for hunger. Etc, Etc, Etc,

Come live to Venezuela so that you suffer all that we Venezuelans suffer thanks to the Damned Communist Castro Government of Venezuela, this plague that decimates us so that later you can give your opinion and tell me

They are 20 years of slow but constant destruction and the Government sells the propaganda to the world that we live here in the country of Wonders.
The communists of Spain are selling that idea to the Spaniards that Chavismo is the best.
Venezuela is eating shit and many countries seem to be craving to eat too

I believe you when you say that life is shit for millions of Venezuelan people but based on what has happened to the countries that the United States has intervened in before, I find it surprising that you would call for such a thing. If the United States intervenes it won't be to help the Venezuelan people, it will be to help the interests of big business at the expense of the Venezuelan people. Maybe you feel that nothing the United States could do would make Venezuela any worse than it is now. Some Iraqis, Libyans and Afghans thought the same and now live in countries where life is worse than it was before.

Most Venezuelans are unprepared to run that risk. After knowing and living in hell Chavista- Madurista. Castroist - Communist, anything else is acceptable. I DO NOT think there is anything worse.
Whoever says the opposite and defends this government, who is hunger and genocide, has the right to do it.

This is what it means to be Chavista

Cualquiera sea el costo. Me gustó mucho tu escrito, al parecer hoy en día los republicanos se están quedando sin bolas xd.

Bueno que caigan las bombas en tu casa. Vea como lo hicieron en Panamá con la Operación Causa Justa. ¡¡QUE LOCO!!!

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