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RE: Tucson Child Trafficking Camp: Cemex- Clinton Foundation- Rothschild Ties

Something you may not be aware of is the Sand Mafia. Aggregate necessary to make concrete is quickly running out. Criminals steal it and do unimaginable environmental harm, such as sinking several islands in the Seychelles. It is estimated that 40% of aggregate used in the construction industry is provided by organized criminal gangs.

Cemex is likely to be involved given the extent of their participation in that industry.

There is a documentary I can recommend for more information regarding the organized criminal theft of aggregate: Sand Wars.



Interesting. There is even a crypto blockchain solution for this sand dilemna, which I have a small investment in.

I had never heard of Sandcoin, and very much appreciate the link.


That's what I was talking about in my comment!

I'll look into it... I'm aware of the specialty sand (silica) that is used in manufacturing electronics and how valuable it is. Thanks for the tip my friend!!!

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