This is really a superb documentation of extensive research and action regarding human and environmental health the corruption of governance has endangered, and not only regarding communications technology. Anyone that grasps how our lives and freedom have been sacrificed in favor of industry profits regarding 5G will also immediately understand how this corruption has done exactly the same thing in every field involving health and safety of people and the world.

From vaccines, health insurance, transportation, agriculture, and biological warfare, to nuclear power, freedom of speech, privacy, and the right to keep and bear arms to defend ourselves from violence and oppression, money has replaced our rights and safety at every turn.

Today our lives are being sacrificed on the altar of biological warfare so corporate overlords can dominate the world economically and a laboratory engineered pathogen is killing the people that built our civilization, destroying the immune systems of those that maintain our infrastructure, and sterilizing our youth that will inherit the world we live and love in. For money. For power and the dynastic oligarchy banksters seek to aggrandize to themselves.

In America we read in the Constitution, and yet more clearly in the Declaration of Independence, that people are sovereign rulers, that rights are born with us and cannot be altered or taken by decisions of others no matter what they say or how they threaten violence and oppression if we do not submit to their power. Never before in human history has theft of the wealth of all people by fraud and threat of violence been so committed on a global scale.

If we will be free, if our children will not be slaves subjugated to overlords to be used and discarded at will, if we will own the products of the sweat of our brow and the future our skill and effort have made possible: the expansion of life and humanity across the limitless universe beyond the reach of venal institutions and would be overlords, now is the crisis of our lives demanding our courage and defense of all that is good and worthy of our efforts.

Each of us either demonstrates our sovereignty and individual freedom by our actions, or accepts subjugation and the delivery of our sons and daughters as possessions and the trifles of the banksters demanding our lives as their booty.

There has never been a like moment before, and there never will be this moment again. If we fail, our lives and our very minds will become the property of thieves and parasites that have corrupted our every institution for their benefit, seizing half our production by force and fraud today, and that theft will become total slavery and abject possession of our children by those monsters forever.

Today, tomorrow, and until these enemies are defeated, we demonstrate, each and all of us, whether we are slaves to lying thugs, or free and sovereign. We will all die in this world. Whether plague, murder, or the ravages of time plant us in the dirt does not matter to our posterity, but whether we die slave or free is existentially significant.

If we have standards, principles, and love humanity, our fellows, and our sons and daughters, we will prove it by our actions today, and every day of the rest of our lives.

I bid you be free, as I set out to be. My sons deserve and require no less of me.


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