China’s Plan to Ruin the United States


China’s Plan to Ruin the United States

After his speech at the Hudson Institute was canceled, Guo Wengui, a former Chinese business tycoon from China who is now actively exposing the Communist Party officials’ corruption, issued a press release and held a press conference at the National Press Club on October 5.

Guo showed those present a document, claiming it was a top-secret document from China, dated April 27, 2017. The title was, “The Response of the Office of the State Council regarding the Office of the (Communist Party’s) Central National Committee’s Plan to Secretly Send 27 State Security Officers including He Jianfeng to the U.S. to Perform Job Duties.” Guo said that He Jianfeng was from the State Security office and was mainly responsible for collecting intelligence on the U.S. and for controlling the spy network there. “Twenty-eight people except He have already come to the United States. Their main base was the Bank of China in New York. Also (some went to) the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. and some Chinese organizations. Another 50 people came (to the U.S.) later.” The Chinese government later denied the authenticity of the document.
Guo stated that China has a complete “BGY” plan to control the world. “BGY” stands for, “The plan (which) includes Blue (control the Internet), Gold (buy influence with money), and Yellow (seduce key people with sex). Guo also said that China has a second plan called “3F” and both plans are to ruin the U.S. and to assure that China controls the world.
Source: (Guo Wengui’s website), October 5, 2017
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When I first started to hear about the “BGY” and “3F” plans the China has to make the United States unstable, I was highly skeptical. As I started digging I learned of a few key pieces of information that involved Fentanyl. According to The Epoch Times China is the United States’ largest source of Fentanyl. 1 In this article it states “Exiled Chinese businessman Guo Wengui revealed on his YouTube channel that fentanyl is actually the Chinese Communist regime’s “toxic weapon” in its covert warfare with the United States.”

As I look into the Fentanyl problems in the United States, I start to think, maybe it’s true.
Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 80-100 times stronger than morphine.
Fentanyl is one of the deadliest opioids in the world. Sadly it’s risen in popularity as the opioid epidemic continues to claim lives throughout the United States. Each year, thousands of Americans overdose and die from using Fentanyl. Many times people are unaware that the substance they’re consuming is spiked with Fentanyl.
Many people are curious about how Fentanyl became so widespread since it’s such a deadly drug. Examining where Fentanyl comes from and how it gets into the United States is the key to understanding how Fentanyl affects so many lives across the country.
The company Janssen Pharmaceutica first developed fentanyl in 1959. 2
Then, it was primarily used as an anesthetic and pain reliever for medical purposes.
During the 1960s, fentanyl started to be used as an intravenous anesthetic called Sublimaze. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that the fentanyl patch was introduced and could be used in the treatment of chronic pain.
After the introduction of the patch, other ways of delivering fentanyl were introduced, like the Actiq lollipop.
Most fentanyl in the United States comes from China. China isn’t where fentanyl originated, but because of the lack of regulations in the pharmaceutical industry there, the country is a large distributor of drugs and chemicals that are illegal in other countries.
China exports many different types of fentanyl products, including raw fentanyl, fentanyl analogs, and counterfeit prescription drugs like oxycodone that are laced with fentanyl.
While some fentanyl comes directly from China, many other Chinese shipments of fentanyl will enter the United States through Mexico. Fentanyl may come through Canada before entering the United States, though it is uncommon.
Guo decided to expose what he knows about China’s plan regarding fentanyl on YouTube.
Guo revealed in his Aug. 23 video that a Chinese professor, surnamed Cao from China’s Shandong Province, learned to synthesize fentanyl when doing research in an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) lab. Guo said he visited this lab several times.
“When this professor went back to China, he sent a report to China’s National Security Department proposing that fentanyl should be used as one of China’s national strategies aimed at weakening the United States and bringing huge profits to China. He also emphasized that chemists can easily produce more than 1,000 derivative drugs from fentanyl,” Guo said.
Guo claimed that he reported Cao to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing by providing information on Cao’s green card and his research at MIT. The U.S. Embassy then asked Cao to have a talk with the consuls. Cao then decided not to return to the United States, and instead work with another researcher in a factory in Nanjing to produce fentanyl on a mass scale. In the past, this same factory had engaged in the research and development of biochemical weapons.
Guo claimed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had a special plan codenamed “3F Plan.” Its goal is to weaken, mangle, and ruin the United States. The specific method to be used for 3F is the smuggling of fentanyl into the United States.
“Think about it. Any person who sells fentanyl in China is arrested and will be immediately executed. However, the drug is now sold to the United States in large quantities, yet the Chinese government remains silent,” he said.
According to Guo, fentanyl is the CCP’s chemical weapon, and the total amount trafficked into the United States is capable of killing three times the American population.
“This is no joke,” he warned. “The Chinese communist regime truly wants to kill you. How can you expect the regime to take any action to stop it [the fentanyl trafficking]?”
Guo said he felt sad that President Trump is the only one who keeps warning the public, yet some Americans persist in challenging and criticizing him.
In a video on the YouTube Channel Real Vision Finance you see Guo Wengui, also known as “Miles Kwok,” reports a series of shocking accusations and predictions revolving around the Chinese government. Kwok provides his perception of the backstory behind several recent high-profile news items and touches on the Chinese government’s management of the economy. He also unfurls an alarming forecast about Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma. Filmed on October 5, 2018, at an undisclosed location.

“It has been China’s dream for a century to become the world’s leading nation,” wrote Liu Mingfu, then a colonel in the People’s Liberation Army, in his 2010 book The China Dream. After taking over as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012, Xi Jinping echoed the book’s language and one of its key themes—“the dream of a strong military”—repeatedly in speeches. This dream, he said, would be realized by 2049, a century after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
In an article by The NY Post You can see the following story...

In 1995, Michael Pillsbury, whom has worked with every US president since Nixon and has, he wrote, “arguably had more access to China’s military and intelligence establishment than any other Westerner,” was reading an article written by “three of China’s preeminent military experts” about “new technologies that would contribute to the defeat of the United States.”
It was in this article that Pillsbury first saw the term “Assassin’s Mace,” which refers to a weapon from Chinese folklore that guarantees a small combatant victory over a larger, more powerful opponent.
The article described goals including “electromagnetic combat superiority” that would allow for “naval victory,” and “tactical laser weapons” that would “be used first in anti-missile defense systems.” They also discussed jamming and destroying radar and various communications systems, and the use of computer viruses.
In time, Pillsbury began seeing the term “Assassin’s Mace” with regularity in Chinese documents.
“In the military context,” he writes, “Assassin’s Mace refers to a set of asymmetric weapons that allow an inferior power to defeat a seemingly superior adversary by striking at an enemy’s weakest point.”
Part of what Pillsbury sees as America’s naiveté on the issue derived from fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of Chinese culture.
Pillsbury now believes that since the time of Mao Zedong, China has been engaged in an effort to establish China as the world’s premier superpower by 2049, the 100th anniversary of the Communist Revolution.
The reason this has been so little known, he says, is that the Chinese consider physical battles just one minor aspect of warfare. China’s main weapon, he says, is deception — the constant appearance of achieving less than they really have and needing our help more than they actually do.
Pillsbury believes this philosophy’s origins derive from a book — the title of which translates to “The General Mirror for the Aid of Government” — that Mao brought with him on his long march in the 1930s. Described as “a statecraft manual with lessons from history that have no Western counterpart,” one section of the book “centers on stratagems of the Warring States period in China, and includes stories and maxims dating as far back as 4000 BC.”
Included in these are lessons on “how to use deception, how to avoid encirclement by opponents and how a rising power should induce complacency in the old hegemon until the right moment.”
Mao, it turned out, read this book many times while ruling China, as did subsequent leaders. Chinese students even use passages from it in their writing lessons.
Pillsbury believes that China’s actions since just after World War II are derived from this book and that they’re working just as intended.
“One of the biggest mistakes made by American experts on China was not taking this book seriously,” Pillsbury writes, noting that “it was never translated into English,” and that the US didn’t begin grasping its possible importance until the 1990s.
The Warring States strategy advises the underdog to keep its intentions secret until sufficient power against the hegemon is both strong and irreversible. Then it should show its teeth.
Pillsbury says that China’s rapid economic rise has led to the beginnings of this stage. He cites how in 2009, when President Barack Obama attended a climate change summit in Copenhagen, there was “a significant shift in the public tone of Chinese officials” that included “uncharacteristic rudeness,” including the organization of a secret meeting with other countries about blocking US initiatives that excluded the president. (He and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Pillsbury says, crashed the meeting.)
During visits to the country over the past three years, Pillsbury says, he has seen a stark shift in China’s attitude toward the US. Chinese scholars he’s known for decades, he says, have long denied any sort of “Chinese-led world order.” Now they are showing a sudden brash willingness to admit to what Pillsbury believes is China’s true intent. “The hard truth,” Pillsbury writes, “is that China’s leaders see America as an enemy in a global struggle they plan on winning.”

As we all know there is one certainty, the act of China buying U.S. government debt. In fact, I hear they own $1.2T in that.

China could dump its vast holdings of U.S. government debt. Flooding the market with treasuries would push down US bond prices and cause the yields to spike. That would make it more costly for U.S. companies and consumers to borrow, in turn depressing America’s economic growth.

Up until 2016, the People’s Bank of China was buying U.S. dollars from exporters while selling yuan to them to prevent the Chinese currency’s excessive appreciation. Most of China’s US$3.1 trillion in foreign exchange reserves, the world’s largest, is parked with U.S. Treasury securities, which have a safe haven status. China needs the U.S. dollar assets as a safety buffer should it need to bail out the domestic banking system or to support the yuan through foreign exchange intervention.

Although it has cut its holdings in U.S. Treasuries in recent years, it still takes the top spot.

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