Pics/Video PROVING Joe Biden is a Child Molestor + Molestor of Women + Serial Groper

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There are a few things I want to address here first before this goes any further into the mountains of evidence.

  1. Stop saying "Creepy Uncle Joe" or these cute nicknames that take away from what Joe Biden really is. Describe his rank in society and his actions accurately. He was the 2nd most powerful person in the world at the time, HE IS NOT "UNCLE JOE". Being Creepy Uncle Joe takes away from HOW MUCH POWER HE HAS OVER EVERYONE IN EVERY SITUATION. He isn't your "uncle" who just happens to be related to you and you have to see him due to family functions. And your Uncle shouldn't be allowed to touch you the way he is touching these children and women too, by saying Creepy Uncle you are just saying he is a creep WHICH WHITEWASHES AWAY MOST NEGATIVE MEANING. Use the correct words!!!!!!

  2. What are the correct words/phrases? Molesting/Groping/Unwanted Touching/Unwanted Kissing/Unwanted Shoulder Massaging/Unwanted Kisses on Head/Neck/ Fondling/Abuse of Power/ Abuse of Leadership Position/ Abuse of touching women at a lower employment or social rank, the list goes on. These are all words that can be used to describe Joe Biden accurately.

  3. Stop giving him and others a pass. It doesn't fucking matter that he isn't the VP anymore, he still did what he did and people should press charges on him. There are plenty of laws he has violated when it comes to all of these things + evidence. Kissing kids on the neck, kissing them on the lips, touching of breasts/ass/having them sit on your lap for a photo op. Too many things to count that all go hand in hand with actually breaking of laws with video evidence that cannot be denied. He straight up abuses his power as being 2nd most powerful person in the world to get away with it right in front of your faces, but ohhhhh uhhhh he is a GOOD LIBERAL. No. No he isn't. Not according to the standards Liberals constantly put forth, whatever happened to the whole "a male manager who touches his female employee sexually/or molests/grabs/gropes needs to be put in jail/fired" Ohhh what now somehow it doesn't fucking apply???? Republican/alien/martian/venusian/male/female/lgbtqaaiypabcdefghijklmonpqrstuvwxyz/white/black/brown/yellow/purple/libertarian/democrat/communist/anarchist, I don't care what he is or what someone is who did these things, APPLY the laws and bring forth charges. Laws don't just stop being laws, and somehow sexual groping of children/women is just fine because he has a big fat D next to his name on his political party.


  1. I am now going to put links to the definition of groping/molestation/unwanted touching/etc so that it is undeniable on what is being shown in these pictures/videos.

Groping - "When used in a sexual context, groping is touching or fondling another person in an unwelcome sexual way using the hands. The term generally has a negative connotation in many societies, and may be considered sexual assault, and terms such as frotteurism (or toucherism) may describe the practice of a person rubbing up against another person, typically using their sexual parts. Gropers might use their hands, but pressing any part of their body against another person can be considered groping."


Sexual Assault/Abuse - "The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect defines child sexual assault as: "Contacts or interactions between a child and an adult when the child is being used for sexual stimulation of the perpetrator or another person when the perpetrator or another person is in a position of power or control over the victim." Sexual abuse has been defined to include inappropriate physical contact, making a child view sexual acts or pornography, using a child in making pornography, or exposing an adult's genitals to a child."


These are just some of the many hundreds of pictures and videos that are easily found on the internet. No actual private parts are shown in these are they are in public settings, but imagine how many more people he has done this to off camera AND NOT IN A PUBLIC SETTING.

obama-labor.jpg463675586.jpgth (1).jpegCop and Biden.JPGmaxresdefault.jpgjoe-biden-dilma_3203584k.jpgarticle-2616221-1D74B0A700000578-721_638x705.jpgHillary creepy 4.jpgrare-pic-of-joe-biden-5441447.pnghqdefault.jpgJoeBidenFake.jpg17-joe-biden-mary-mcaleese.w529.h352.2x.jpgtumblr_inline_nhtnx9lSxA1qij8k6.jpgth.jpegJoe-Biden-kiss.jpguzj8fvtyx3v7sn2u0ouo.jpgbiden 003.jpgfe470e39bf71f49d1ee9d4a0d21f866d.jpgzk2zc4xfsjbshsjwjks9.jpguncle-joe-biden-gets-a-little-too-touchy-feely-at-the-swearing-in-ceremonies-today-153260.gifbiden-creep-3.jpgbiden-creep-4.jpgbiden-creep-6.jpgbiden-creep-1.jpgbiden-creep-2.jpg


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What a perve

I don't know about second most powerful man in the world though - he was only an American politician - probably not even top 10!

heh that could be! i need to factor in shadow govt!

How about serial pedo-sexual predator!

Depends on how he identifies though on that day. He is Predator-Fluid!

The whole bunch are sick! When I created Alan Denning (the president) for the 2nd Night Gods story I just imagined a combo of him and Bill Clinton

This for me is yet "another" confirmation as to how far, we as a nation, have fallen over the edge of the abyss. I want to believe that it had to get this bad before people woke up, but as with most answers it simply raises another question. Are enough people actually awake to what is really going on?

As I see it our only hope and weapon of choice continues to be: A more fully informed public.

You are very correct, "a more fully informed public" is the key, and they are not informed at all! If they were informed they would know this stuff, and it is very unfortunate we have to fight so hard just to tell the truth these days...

We shall continue onwards! :)

We also have to factor in not only the many uninformed but an even greater number that have been misinformed and dis-informed. (probably the most dangerous of all)

When is this going to get exposed by the MSM(never), the pictures don’t lie? I heard audio from when he was whispering in that girls ear, not sure if it was ever substantiated. But he was saying inappropriate things to her.

Agreed, Joe is worse than a Hoe with Dough.

Indeed I have heard this about him. They say a fish rots at the head - and so to government. Sad. thanks @richq11

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