CENSORSHIP INCOMING?? "Drudge, Facebook, NYT readers could face libel suits for sharing 'fake news' under Dem plan".. Yes you read that right!

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Don't want to be fined?!? This one weird trick will keep the FEC from fining you. People who love Free Speech hate this!!! Simply share your approved MSM and govt propaganda like a good little tax payer!!

That isn't sarcasm. There is a good possibility the government could really put a plan in place to do these things. There are a few things we will have to go back in time and watch to understand what in the hell we are talking about, but first please check out the current article


Years ago, Matt Drudge went onto the Alex Jones Info Wars show and did an interview. Matt has been in hiding for years and came out to inform Alex that high level government officials in the Senate told Matt he would be censored. That the Drudge report would be destroyed because of laws they would approve to give mega news corporations power to sue for copyright infringement on their news articles(makes no sense). These high level swamp creatures claimed that they have the votes to pass laws against what the Drudge report does(which is insane). Drudge summarizes news articles with one sentence then links you to the article. He puts up articles from everywhere and he puts his own agenda/spin on it. Check out this video for the full interview

Democrats don't like this because he constantly links Democrat MSM Establishment articles on his site and paints them in a bad light with his short summaries(with the majority being correct and factual). His website for news is consistently number 1 and he wields monumentous political power simply by summarizing their stories and highlighting what the truth is or showing the counter argument to the Establishment argument.

Drudge over the years has debunked a lot of fake news and smashed Establishment narratives. He is not afriad to call them out for the bullies they are and the liars they are. Democrats cannot compete in the open market place of ideas. They have to import foreigners to vote for them, give welfare to their slaves for votes, promise college students free college for votes, promise free housing for votes, promise free food for votes, promise FREE everything and anything for votes, Illegal immigrants are pandered to for votes(they almost always vote democrat).

The modern day Democrats do not want a fair playing field because they will outright lose. Republicans and Libertarians and Anarchists and others need to push back on this insane censorship Democrats are consistently pushing for. They are trying to be the only source of information and are using corporations to soft censor us right now, imagine how powerful Google/YT/Facebook/Twitter could be if the FEC wrote laws to be on their side and overhaul censorship even more.


It is absolutely critical that we reach out to our friends and family, as well as other forums/social media, and let them know about places like Steemit or Dtube or Minds or GAB. We have to build up these platforms with a large userbase because we are getting closer and closer to full 1984 censorship. We are going to be the only ones able to fight back at some point. We need to build our subscriber base so that we can reach out to the masses with what is really going on and advocate for free speech.

Here are some things YOU CAN DO to further the information war.

1 Tell friends and family and explain to them some of what is going on with free speech and censorship

2 Sign up to multiple social media places and cross post everything you do. Sign up to reddit/facebook/twitter/instagram/pinterest/eblogger/medium/minds/gab/steemit/disqus. Cross posting means that you copy and paste what you do on one platform and put it on all the others to magnify your message and reach.

3 Make videos on the video sites. Youtube/Bit-Chute/Vidme/LBRY/DailyMotion. Shoot, if you want to, upload some stuff to PornHub or something too! Get some free speech videos on PornHub if you think it will help(They have Clinton's side of beef moment on there haha).

4 Make some flyers and staple them up in your or put a few paragraphs of something on business cards and hand them out. The business card thing would be a lot cheaper to spread the message.

5 Write letters to the editor or try to get on local news. Some cities have a local video channel where you can pay them maybe 20 bucks and they will run a 15 minute video you send them. Try to reach out to the public and alert them to the censorship incoming!

I hope you all enjoyed what I had to say. I appreciate any support you give me!

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Welcome to 1984!!!


Yes. We have always been at war with East Asia!!!

Sounds like it's designed to target websites sharing 'fake' news. Watch the libtards get even crazier now that Soros injected 18 billion to finance these guys.


yes sir. "fake news" is their cover to mean shutting down opposition. Check out the full video with Matt Drudge talking about how they are going to go after him amd shut him down completely. they want to make his stuff illegal and same for alex jones. There are a bunch of FEC and senate and house of rep leaders who also have said this in the past too.

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Great strategies in the combat for good and evil! Word of mouth, flyers on every corner, and social media groups are the best routes in the @informationwar . As long as the 2nd amendment stands, the likelihood of ending free speech, entirely, is low.


Yes sir! We have a multiplying effect that we ourselves can create. Spread out on the socials and cross post away! :)