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Early this month in Atlanta, there was a national convention for the Democratic Socialists of America (or DSA). The group convened to defeat Capitalism, win Socialism, and one-up each other by exercising absurd "points of personal privilege." What you are about to behold is an absolute shit show. Watch as these "comrades" work together in an eternal struggle to stop offending each other. ~Insert preferred trigger warning here.~

VIDEO: YouTube.com/channel/UCmmfVSRVwMSfHdRf6v3lPxQ

If this 49-seconds wasn’t bad enough, I’d like to remind you that the convention lasted a staggering four full calendar days. The above video starts with a man informing the audience about his propensity to experience sensory overload. He then requests that "you guys" (meaning everyone) dial back the idle chatter so his snowflakes won’t melt.

The first man’s choice of words activated another trigglypuff in the audience. In a huff, a figure in red stormed the isle like the Kool-Aid man on crack, snatched up the microphone, and in breathy tones reminded fellow-comrade to "pREEase stop using gendered language!"

I found the video rather humorous, and take heart in the fact that this generation is so stunningly dim-witted that their efforts are bound to lead to failure. What’s even more realistic though, is that the true purpose for this group of useful idiots is to serve as the squeaky wheel, and you’ve got to hand it to them, they’re doing a great job at that.

Will we oppose the ideology pushed by this gathering of mad hatters, or commit cultural suicide by following the free money pipe-dream down the rat hole and into oblivion? If you'd like to see more ridiculousness, here is a compendium of instances that spans several hours of the conference.

A Brief History of Socialism
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