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Here you’ll see Zuby, a 32-year-old British rapper who speaks to the recent mass shootings, and the world’s culture of death. Aside from his involvement in the music industry, Zuby had made headlines when he identified as a female in March of 2019 and broke the British women’s deadlift record. He initially did this as a LARP, but also to speak out about a trending topic in the sports world.


No stranger to controversy, Zuby has recently published several tweets that encourage 'closet conservatives' in various industries to speak freely and to "stop fearing the mob." In these writings, he expresses that "people think staying silent will be safe for them" to which he responds with a resounding no and exclaims that what they're doing is "making things worse" by "succumbing to intellectual terrorism."

At the end of that particular series of tweets, his sage advice is that people tell the mobs to fuck off unapologetically, and this will cause them to find a weaker target. He describes these thought controllers as cowards and explains that this is why they have to hunt in packs. In summary, Zuby's advice to friends and fans is to have no fear.

In his video regarding the recent shootings, Zuby emphasizes that people in their individual-capacity have the capability of being both good and evil and that we ought to blame the person who committed the crime for their actions as opposed to using it for partisan political talking points. Zuby quotes Alexander Solzhenitsyn from 'The Gulag Archipelago' in saying that: "the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being."

I think it's rare to see musical artists who have the courage it takes to speak up publically and stand behind their convictions. To gain further insights into Zuby's perspective on recent events and the culture of death, I'd highly recommend that you watch the above 30-minute video in its entirety.

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