My Thoughts on AJ’s Latest Warning About EMP Attacks Headed for US

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Normally, Alex Jones is not in the business of broadcasting imminent warnings on the weekend, especially not on a Saturday.


However, this weekend is different, as he seems convinced that there will be highly destructive terrorist attacks in the coming months, and that these devastating attacks will be used by the Deep State to be blamed on North Korea (and or Syria) as a pretext for war.

As he was going on about this, I was thinking about Jones’ famous ‘F*ck Trump’ moment. He was clearly pissed, as were many others, that Trump had launched a second missile attack on Syria in response to yet another false flag, and this was just one week after announcing a troop withdrawal from the country.

I couldn’t help but think that the troop withdrawal in combination with the alleged CW attack seemed so similar to one of Obama’s classic head fakes, and how after he did them so many times, you could almost bank on the fact that if it looked like #44 was about to pivot to the right, then it was almost certain, that he would actually be going left.

It got tacky and predictable after a while, and although that kind of thing might work repeatedly on the basketball court, the rinse and repeat of this method is less effective when used in politics poli + tic(k)s.

Then in comes the age of Trump, who is a master at keeping everyone in the dark. Even right now I cannot tell you who Trump is working for. He’d have you believe he’s working for the American people, and in some regard I think that he is, yet at the same time he’s willing to put American lives in danger by using the military to attack Syria, for things that the Syrian government is clearly not responsible for.

Seeing as how Trump appears to be comfortable embracing false narratives and propaganda in order to justify his military actions, I can’t help but wonder if Jones is being handled by being given this information.

This way when (if) it happens, Jones can have his “I told you so moment”, and then instead of blaming Trump, he can point his finger at the Deep State as the perpetrators. My query about this latest warning is whether or not Trump is already in on it (the next false flag).

We live in a day and age where the population writ large is composed of different types of folks, those who know, and those who simply don't have a clue. So if Trump needs a pretext for a war, he’s got to address those that do not know, and this will be done through the mainstream media after the attack, but if he doesn’t want to piss off those who do know, he’s got to handle them well in advance.

I cannot help but wonder if this information that Jones is being fed, is exactly that. A method of preconditioning those who are paying attention, and then preemptively pinning the tail on the Deep State, while carrying on that Trump is not a part of it.

If Trump is really not a part of it, he won’t react in the prescribed way; he won’t give the Deep State the wars they want. If he does give them the wars they want, and further inflames the problem, then how is he not a key player in the coming false flag?

As usual, if you've read this and have a different take on the matter, or would like to add something, then feel free to reply in the comment section below. I couldn’t help but come away from this video with the impression that even Jones might feel a bit like he’s being handled on this one.

All that said, it might not be a bad time to stock up on storable food, and various other supplies. Even if this warning turns out to be a non-event you can still eat those canned, or dehydrated goods. So it's not like you would have wasted any money by taking potentially life saving precautions.

A Special Thanks to @dwinblood for the Heads-up on this Video!
Jones' warning changes the next day on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

UPDATE: In the first video Alex Jones said that the coming false flag would be used as a pretext for war with either North Korea, or Syria. Now, in the new video Jones is suggesting that the Deep State is going to target themselves, and somehow blame ISIS, and Infowars for the attack!? It seems like a pretty radical shift in logic don't you think?


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