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in #informationwarlast month (edited)

Miami Police Captain, Javier Ortiz (who appears to be a white man) has publicly asserted his blackness at a city commission meeting that took place last Friday. Originally, when he applied to the MPD, he claimed he was a white Hispanic male, and several years later, he changed his race.


In his statement before the commission, Mr. Ortiz mentioned that he came to this conclusion after having learned that he has black people in his family, he even went so far as to point to the antiquated one-drop rule as evidence for his claim.

Nearing the end of his address to the commission, a member of the panel humored him playfully, probably just to see how silly the words sounded coming out of his mouth. Javier identified this as "an attack" and quickly mentioned that half of his family is Jewish.

Upon hearing the above--the same commissioner quipped that perhaps next month he will appear as a black Jewish woman.

To answer my question, no, this doesn't seem like body dysmorphic disorder to me, but rather a man who is openly trolling the city and using a legal loophole to gain a benefit of some sort. Maybe it worked? Ortiz has since been suspended with his pay intact.