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RE: Series : Geoengineering | The not so cool "Cooling Towers" | Post 2

Awesome post! I will be resteeming some of your posts as these are subjects that everyone should be educated on. I just came from the big island and feel this was all man induced. The geothermal plant in Leilani estates is owned by monsantos and FEMA prison barges are rumored to be 10 miles offshore..2 of them. They already have tent set up in the camps and rescue centers and getting all the info they can about the victims before they will help them with shelter. By the way, I am now following you... mahalo.


@thethreehugs thanks for taking the time to read and resteem. Geoengineering is starting to become more popular in the truth community, but we are still looking at some distant Alaska based HAARP for all weather modifications,when its the weather RADARs in our backyard sending the pulsed frequency. We are made to look at "mysterious" water sprouting sources, when it is the cooling towers from our power plants releasing trillions of gallons to create clouds, from the ground!

Were you able to get any pics/videos from the Geothermal plant in Leilani? If yes please feel free to share with them, I want to document all evidence we have and upload it in an indexed form on the blogchain here.

Lets keep in touch here.

Yep I am an energy worker and I hear the frequencies and feel them. Especially the EMFs.

Here is a link form the news reports at Hawaii News Now:

Lots of videos here and on you tube:

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