uuhh... This is it, we have come full circle.

in #informationwar4 years ago


If Donald Trump implements a UBI I am going to die of fucking laughter. At this point I am unable to predict anything anymore. There is no way I would have ever seen this coming.


The stock market is in free fall right now so Drumph may no bullshit be desperate enough to do it. If this happens then cryptocurrency is going to fucking EXPLODE in value... Holy fucking shit this might be insane AAAHHHHHHHH


Shiet. I wouldn't mind gettin' a grand a month at all. Maybe somethin' good came from dis Coronavirus thing after all.

Uh, it might lead to full blown national socialism though. :X

Haha especially as Trump dissed Bitcoin not too long ago, like in 2019.

But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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