wants to free hong kong

calls protesters in america "terrorists"

still pretending not to be a trump parrot account, russell?

Was wrong about everything.
Still wrong about everything.

I'm doing fine :)
Unlike you I had everything figured out pretty early on. And it played out exactly like I expected. :)

Now you though, you got pretty fucked over by reality more than once now. There wont be an insurrection and you will likely get found out by the FBI if things continue to escalate. Good luck!

edit : Also I absolutely LOVE that you went into hiding when it turned out I crushed you on every front. Now you are back trying to pretend nothing happened! HAHAHA

Hows that 2000 steem? Its a gift from me!

Still think trump is winning? 😂😂😂

I noticed you got really quiet after I mentioned the FBI.
I recall multiple times in the past you are a member of a terrorist organization. You talked about knowing the plans of the organization. Has the FBI contacted you yet?

You are obligated to turn yourself in and give them any info you might have. Just a heads up.

Oh, i just didn't notice that you responded. If you want my attention, I've spoken to police several times.

Also, antifa is not an organization, I recommend googling the definition of these words before using them.