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You know Betman. He really loves to dismantle sports&betting mafia, and never goes outside of his domain. Except when the odds at livestock are too good to miss…

Yes, it’s the odds for a new U.S. President at the 2020 election. The competition will be fierce. The DNC presented a whole range of clowns and one serious candidate, but Tulsi will be eliminated at the first opportunity. “99 percenters” will again have an honor to watch the show but not participate. This is a show for the sheeple, and they can only be in the audience. In the last three years they were served with a hit show conveniently named “Russian Collusion”, and now we will have a tragedy. Alas, the DNC is quite a tragic story… all their clowns together cannot touch incumbent clown! Now, Betman will present you a competing clown…


Yes, it is him, John McAfee, scandalously famous tech millionaire is wanted by the IRS for tax evasion, but nevertheless plans to run for US president in 2020! This clown stated that the CIA recently tried to “collect” him — and he should know, he was working for them! That makes him a contender. He knows what they are cooking, and — as opposed to other candidate clown — he has the plan. He posted his Handbook to Civil War in the U.S. of A. at his Twitter account, making himself the funniest and the most serious clown in the race — at the same time! Can’t belive it? There’s a video at his link, and below:

If you are U.S. citizen, you probably do not lack handguns, assault rifles and a lot of ammo. You have probably went through a heavy “Call of Duty”, “Battletanx” or “Arma 3” training . The last thing that you really needed was a plan. And now you have it. As for the rest of the World, the key question is:

Who will set the odds?

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